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Dr. Abhijith A.P.C on “Role of spiders in AGRICULTURE”

Dr. Abhijith A.P.C from Indraprastha Organic Farm in Kalalavadi Village, Mysuru, Karnataka is basically an organic farmer & a homoeopathic doctor. He has been working on various aspects of spiders & Formed a team called SAALIGA, which means spiders. He is locally trying to educated people, on Role of spiders in our ecosystem.

Dr. Abhijith A.P.C says Spiders, for most of them its a creepy creature & think its of no much use. Most think its a harmful insect! But its not harmful , nor a insect . Spiders comes under different class Arachnids, where Mites, scorpions & other eight legged organisms come under. Spiders having eight eyes has been classified under order Araneae. Spiders are one of the organism, which is least known to many & has the most misconception . Though I tell various uses of spiders, my special interest in on behavior of spiders. I have presented more than 20 research articles on peer-reviewed journals. In my 14 acres of organic farm, I have documented 200+ species of spiders & I have documented how spiders check insect population, which are considered as pests!”

During this meeting, Dr. Abhijith A.P.C will highlight on

  1. Spiders & its basics
  2. Notions about spiders
  3. Spiders as bioindicator
  4. Spiders and its Role in agriculture

Meeting was held on: July 13, 2022 3:00 pm
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