Cow Protection Center

Dairy animals need help!

Cow Protection Center, known as  Chilukuri Balaji Goshala Baruva is being run by Smt. Adilakshmi & Sri Ramana Murthy. It is located at Sompeta Mandal in Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh. They are protecting and giving shelter to 1300 cows & buffaloes saving them from being sent to slaughter house.

They give shelter to these dairy animals in their 20 acres coconut garden on their own without any financial assistance. They are looking forward for some help.

People interested can contact  – Smt Adilakshmi at 9440312344, Mr Ramana Murthy at 9440041524 or email Sivaramakrishna Nekkanti at

Source : Agricutlure & Industry Survey