Completed Meetings

Meeting Time
March 13, 2024 3:00 pm

Ms. Hiresha Verma on “Mushroom cultivation and value added products”

Ms. Hiresha Verma is the Founder of Han Agrocare Llp in Sahaspur, Uttarakhand. She says, Han Agrocare is one of ...
Meeting Time
March 12, 2024 3:00 pm

Mr. S. Vijay Kumar on “Design of rain gun irrigation system with field examples”

Mr. S. Vijay Kumar is an AGM – Technical Services at Premier Irrigation Adritec Pvt. Ltd., in Bengaluru, Karnataka. To ...
Meeting Time
March 12, 2024 11:00 am

Ms. Shobana Uthayashankar on “Ocean technology solutions”

Ms. Shobana Uthayashankar is the Founder of Innogle Technologies Pvt Ltd. in Chennai, Tamilnadu ...
Meeting Time
March 11, 2024 5:00 pm

Dr. A.V. Ramanjaneyulu  on “Mahogany – cultivation, economics and marketing techniques”

Dr. A.V. Ramanjaneyulu is the Principal Scientist (Agro.) & Head, AICRP on Agroforestry, PJTSAU, Hyderabad ...
Meeting Time
March 8, 2024 3:00 pm

Dr. Mam Singh on “Urban horticulture for employment and income generation”

Dr. Mam Singh is the Principal Scientist at ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi. To know more view ...
Meeting Time
March 7, 2024 5:00 pm

Mr. Shubham Patel on  “Revolutionizing agriculture: Sustainable practices and the role of organic stevia cultivation “

Mr. Shubham Patel is the Co-Founder & COO at Agadyati Herbs & Food Private Limited in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. To ...
Meeting Time
March 7, 2024 3:00 pm

Dr. V K Jayaraghavendra Rao  on “Value addition opportunities in agriculture – Key for increasing farmers income”  

Dr. V K Jayaraghavendra Rao is the Principal Scientist ICAR-IIHR(Indian Institute of Horticultural Research) in Bengaluru, Karnataka ...
Meeting Time
March 6, 2024 5:00 pm

Dr. S. Vanitha Jayanthi on “Soil testing procedure and its benefits”

Dr. S. Vanitha Jayanthi is the Proprietor of Porkodiyal Agri Clinic and Mini Soil Testing Lab in Theni, Tamilnadu ...
Meeting Time
March 6, 2024 3:00 pm

Mr. Sandeep Joshi on “How to control climate in control environment agriculture poly house”

Mr. Sandeep Joshi is the R&D Agronomist at Eeki Food Pvt. Ltd. in Kota, Rajasthan. To know more view ...
Meeting Time
March 5, 2024 5:00 pm

Dr. S.K Shukla  on “Value addition to cotton biomass and other agro residues” 

Dr. S.K Shukla is the Director at ICAR - Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology in Mumbai, Maharashtra ...
Meeting Time
March 5, 2024 3:00 pm

Dr. Priyanka Singh on “Strategies for profitable sugarcane farming”

Dr. Priyanka Singh is the Senior Scientific Officer at U.P.Council of Sugarcane Research (UPCSR) Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh ...
Meeting Time
March 4, 2024 5:00 pm

Dr. Sesha Kiran Kollipara  on “Pest and Diseases, Management Strategies in Mango”

Dr. Sesha Kiran Kollipara is the Senior Scientist (Plant Pathology) at Horticulture Research Station (Dr. YSR Horticultural University) in Madanapalle, ...
Meeting Time
March 1, 2024 3:00 pm

Ms. Sangita Dipak Sawalakhe  on “How organic or natural farming possible without microorganisms”

Ms. Sangita Dipak Sawalakhe is the Director, President at Vidarbha Biotech Lab, Yavatmal, VBL Agriculture Research & Health Organization in ...
Meeting Time
February 29, 2024 5:00 pm

Mr. Laxmi Prakash Semwal on “Farmers as owners” model believes in “fair prices” to farmers instead MSP”

Mr. Laxmi Prakash Semwal is the Director of Annamrit Farmers as Owners Foundation in Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. To know more ...
Meeting Time
February 29, 2024 3:00 pm

Mr. Jagdish Dhanani  on “AgriMedia App : Digital Platform for farming community”

Mr. Jagdish Dhanani is the Founder and Managing Director at Digital AgriMedia in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. To know more view ...