Astha Beej

Producers and suppliers of pest-free and high yielding paddy and wheat seeds. Located at Kashipur, Uttarakhand

Sandeep Goel
Sandeep Goel

Astha Beej manufactures pest-free wheat and paddy seeds using organic process. Mr.Sandeep Goel established it in 2004 at Kashipur, Uttarakhand. The total output of the company in 2011-12 was around 25000 quintals. It clocked an annual turnover of around Rs. 4.75 crores. “We primarily process, manufacture and market wheat and paddy seeds,”

Quality Seeds
Initially the company faced problem in finding breeder seeds. “We get the breeder seeds from the universities. You can’t manufacture quality seeds until you have good breeder seeds. That was the main challenge,” says Mr. Goel.“Whenever universities like DWR, Pant Nagar University and Punjab University develop a new seed we bring it at our place and try it out. We check its yield. We take the technology from Pant Nagar University and Pusa Universities and try to do some modifications to it.

We work on making the technology even better, so that the farmer is benefited,” he says, adding, “We select only seeds that provide better yield so that the farmers get good yield. We also try to choose the varieties that are disease resistance.” In future the company plans to take better technique from universities and provide it to the farmers.

Besides wheat and paddy, the company is also working on sugarcane. “Because there is not much vegetable production in Uttaranchal, we can at most produce moong and urad here. In future, we plan to produce matar, urad and moong also,” informs Mr. Goel.

Market Dynamics
When asked about competition, Mr. Goel says, “There are 185 seed units in Uttarakhand. There is no competition in seeds industry, as such. That’s because if 10 lakh quintal seed is produced in Uttaranchal, we get the complete market of UP, Jharkhand, Bengal and Bihar. In today’s time, the seed adjustment ratio is around 13 to 14 percent. Despite this adjustment, there is a demand of 50 to 60 lakh quintals in these states. So there is shortage of certified seeds.”

Market Reach
The company uses banners, posters, ads in local agriculture magazines to market their products. “We put up stalls in farmer fairs to educate farmers about the seeds to get good productivity. We give 8 kg of seeds to every farmer for free in the farmer fairs,” says Mr. Goel. They also organize demonstrations, and send dealers to the field with new variety, to increase awareness about their products.

The company mainly targets only certain states. “The variety of seeds that we produce only gives good results in states like Haryana, Punjab, UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. The varieties that are used in the southern states, Madhya Pradesh or Andaman, are not produced in our state. Every state requires a different variety,” says Mr. Goel.

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