A.Venkata Ramarao – research on natural pest control and growth promoters

Discontented with synthetic pesticides development, started research on natural pest control and growth promoters. Located at Khammam, Andhra Pradesh

A. Venkata Ramarao
A. Venkata Ramarao

Mr. A. Venkata Ramarao hails from Khammam in Andhra Pradesh. He was born on February 27, 1963. He is M.Tech (Chemical). He was working in various chemical industries for synthetic pesticides development.

He was fed up with his job and resigned and started research on natural pest control and growth promoters. For this he purchased 12 acres of land and taken 50 acres as lease near Khammam. He also got 110 acres Equalyptus plantation. His present occupation is adviser for rural agro industries, growth promoters, agrofarming & marketing agro products and also advisor for natural farming.

Mr. Ramarao says “at present I am growing red chilly (25 qts/per acre/ per annum), corn (40-45 qts/per acre), sugarcane (75-80 tons/per acre), turmeric (15-20 qts/per acre) and marigold (3.5 tons/per acre). I will sell my products in Vijayawada, Guntur, Khammam and Warangal.’’

“In my three and half years of eucalyptus plantation I am getting 50 tons per acre. I am selling this to various paper mills like ITC Bhadrachalam and TNPL, Tamil Nadu,’’ adds Ramarao.

“I am deeply pained to tell you that the farming community is turning to commercial agriculture and leaving the traditional agriculture. Because of this labour and dalari problems are raising. Due to this reason, I decided to go for eucalyptus plantation in a big way. For this I need less labour and market price is assured,’’ says Ramarao.

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For further information and advice contact-
Mr. A. Venkata Ramarao,
G-2, Om Sai Heights, Dhwarakanagar, Khammam (A.P).
Phone: 9441842754

Source : Agricutlure & Industry Survey