S. Chandra Shekar – invents shredding machine

Invents shredding machine to facilitate garden and farm waste management

Mr. S. Chandra Shekar, 74, innovates shredder to manage dry waste. Being a nature lover, he was against the method of burning the waste. Therefore, he crafted leaf shredding machine all by himself. He says, “No one should struggle for composting! Technology is available; it must be learnt and applied to make a quick routine activity. Leafs will fall from tree, it is natural process so I invented the shredding machine to solve the problem. The composting cycle time is reduced from 5-6 months to 2-3 months with the shredder.” He is based at Bangalore, Karnataka.

The shredder works on the same concept as the mixer in the kitchen. It has a container on top where the dry waste is fed into the machine. The waste is then turned into coarse powder that is collected at the bottom. The coarse powder when mixed with fresh cow dung or dried cow dung cake becomes manure for the plants in 2-3 months. “Past two years I am using machine without any problems. It is giving excellent results,” he shares with a pride. It is the electricity run device.

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The machine has 2 horse power motor and a gear box to augment the cutting capacity of the stainless steel blades. It has a long cable to aid the movement on-site. Twigs, sticks, raw fruits (dry) and leaves are easily shredded into coarse powder. “Only condition is that the entire waste should be absolutely dry. If the waste is wet or damp then it jams the machine. The cutting efficiency comes down. Rest other precautions are not to put stones or glass material else it would spoil the machine,” he emphasizes. It is advised to segregate the waste before putting it for shredding.

The shredding capacity of the machine is 60-80 kg per hour. “It can be used for processing upto 700 kg dry leaf and other garden/farm waste in one day by running the machine for 8-9 hours. Of course after three hours non-stop use it is recommended to shut down for some time,” affirms Mr. Chandra Shekar. It is maintenance free machine except for the general lubrication. Besides after collecting the coarse powder and shutdown, the machine must be cleaned with the dry cloth thoroughly.


In India there are different types of shredding machines available in various sizes and capacities. “However people are not able to use the machine efficiently because they miss to follow the rules and techniques. It is vital that user should be trained to use the machine in accordance to the must-follow procedure steps. When the said-parameters are not followed the desire output from the machine cannot be attained,” he elaborates and adds, I am always ready to help people with their machines it could be service or troubleshooting any operational breakdown. I can even simplify or upgrade any existing machine. My only aim is every machine should perform to its core and for that I am always geared up to provide assistance.”

He has also designed manual ripper for de – weeding, wild grass removal and turning over the soil before planting. It is a low cost and very effective device. Mr. Chandra Shekar is a retired mechanical engineer and served the industry for 45 years. He is passionate for machines. “I can design the machine based on existing and new ideas. If any manufacturer wants to associate to take the technology to the next level I am ready to help. One person should help another person to reduce the waste by composting and contribute to bring down the carbon dioxide load in the environment,” he concludes.

Contact details:
Mr. S. Chandra Shekar
” Nandini”, 14, 9th Main Road, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560011
Phone: +91 80 26631329
E-mail : ecokolar@yahoo.com