Rai Singh Dahiya – invents gasifier system to produce power from waste

Invents bio-mass gasifier system to produce power from waste

Portable, multi-fuel, and sound proof with dry filtration gasifier produces gas from bio-waste. This bio-mass gasifier is developed by a self-learned inventor, Mr. Rai Singh Dahiya. He never had any formal education instead multiplied his technical knowledge by observing the surroundings and watching BBC videos. Sounds hard to believe but this is for real!

He hails from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan. The gasifier was developed in the year 2000. “I manufactured many units and supplied to different villages but later with support of National Innovation Foundation (NIF) I started the commercial sale across the globe since 2010 onwards through my own company Enersol Biopower at Jaipur,” he adds. The biomass-based gasifier unit processes about 20 kg of bio-waste to run an engine of 30 HP for an hour.
“Villages face acute scarcity of electricity while on the contrary are rich in bio-mass. Thus I thought of using its strength to overpower the weakness. Using all type of agro-residues I developed the gasifier that provides independent electricity to the villages,” he describes the drive behind his innovation.

The shape of the gasifier is conical and it is surrounded by a water jacket. “The water jacket enables it to manage multiple fuel sources. Agricultural/forestry/rice husk/ paddy straw, cotton stalks waste is fed into the system from top. Then the unit heats up to 200 degree centigrade and turns the waste into the gas leaving behind tar and charred residue,” Mr. Dahiya elaborates on the working principle of the gasifier.


The gas produced in the gasifier is delivered through the outlet point. The filters and cooling unit cleans the produced gas ensuring smooth operation of engine at low operational cost. “It is vital that gas is filtered well else the system will be choked. Thereby more than one filter is designed in the system. The primary filter unit comprises a series of rows of filtration units. Perforation becomes progressively smaller from the first to the third filtration unit. The secondary filter has layers of different sizes of sieves ranging from 2 inches to a fine size with the cleaning gate at the bottom. The filter can be easily cleaned and is surrounded by a water jacket,” he explains.

The residue obtained after producing the gas is used as agri input. It is precisely useful in organic/natural farming practices. Gasifier is customized as per the requirement of the client. “Our USA client asked for the 30% charcoal in the residue so we made customized the system accordingly,” he informs. Gasifier is made in different capacity ranging from 2-200 KW. “We can even make bigger gasifier have the capacity mega kilo watt. The raw material used is best quality of stainless steel so that it has better functioning, easy to maintain and long durability,” asserts Mr. Dahiya. The cost of the gasifier starts from Rs. 4.5 lakh.

“We sell the gasifier widely in our country India as well as in the International market. Within the nation we manufactured gasifier for National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC),Vindhyachal, Tata Power Limited, Mumbai, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh and so on. Internationally, we exported it to Techno Village., Nepal ; Advent Enterprises, USA and other countries like Kenya, Singapore, Narobi, Itlay etc.,” he informs.

Delivery period is 20 days. Installation is done on the site. After sale service is given promptly through telephonic chat and in case the problem is not resolved the technician is sent to the customer’s place. When asked about after sale service for International clients, he responds, “Everything is done online. Today the technology has reduced the distance immensely. My three children are techno savvy youth so we are easily able to connect with the world.” Apart from gasifier, Mr. Dahiya has other inventions to his credit namely wood pellet stoves, steam cracker biogas plant, biogas plant for chicken waste etc.

Mr. Dahiya’s future goal is to provide biomass gasifier to all farmers at affordable price. Every year, close to 20,000 forest fire incidents are reported in India. “Forest fires leave villagers struggling to find fodder for their cattle, apart from polluting the environment and natural resources. My plan is to use the forestry waste in biomass gasifier and produce electricity. It not only provides cheaper electricity but also creates employment in that area. Currently, we are working with Avni Bio energy in Uttrakhand where our system runs on pine needles,” he shares and adds, “I have few more ideas to reduce the cost of agricultural equipment. I want to develop a multi task system at low cost which can do all farming activities and be special useful for small scale farmers.”

He concludes, “Many people bury their innovative ideas which are good for society and environment in their mind due to lack of self confidence or for some other reason. One day they see someone else has implemented the same idea. Then after it is only the regret for not taking initiative. I would like to say that believe in yourself and put forward your ideas before someone else does! No matter how many times failure or rejection is experienced stand up more strongly each time and one day the idea will be converted into innovation that is very useful for society.”

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