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Starts breeding farm to live his passion of goat rearing and a post-job business plan

Shivai Goat Farm is setup by Mr. Sunil Desai, presently working in Kuwait. It is a breeding farm located at Barve village, Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. African boer, Punjabi beetel, totapari, patira and jamunapari are the three main goats reared at the farm. “We do have some other local breeds but we focus our attention on these five breeds for breeding purpose because their purity and quality is the best. Kids of these breeds are sold effortlessly,” he adds. “In our region mutton is sold at only Rs. 340/kg. It is too less! This amount is not financially viable for making the farm profitable. Therefore I had maintained it as breeding farm.”

Mr. Sunil Desai always had passion for goats and attracted towards the village life. On his return from Kuwait he plans to quit his job and turn into an entrepreneur. He invested his personal savings Rs. 25 lakh and started the goat farming. “I like being around animals precisely goats. Further, I wanted to develop a model farm for the farmers in my village to showcase them it as an additional source of income along with horticulture,” he shares.

Shivai Goat Farm - Mr. Sunil Desai

Mr. Sunil Desai

His passion drew him for this venture but before that he studied different aspects of the business in detail such as goat shed, feed, medication, general look after of the herd and most important networking with the people involved in the trade. He monitors the farm meticulously from Kuwait through the famous and widely used WhatsApp. Rest the routine operations at the farm are managed by his elder brother Mr. Rajendra Desai and his son Ranjeet Desai.

African Boer is sourced from Phaltan, near Satara, beetel from Punjab, while jamunapari from Itawa, Uttar Pradesh. By and large same feed is given to all breeds. Dry fodder is purchased from the market while green fodder is grown in the farm itself. He informs, “Goat dung is used as the manure for growing the fodder. It is always in excess hence we sell it to other horticulture farmers at Rs. 3000/tractor.”

Shivai Goat Farm 01

Summer and winters goats are moved out of the shed twice a day as sunlight is crucial for it overall growth and development. Only during the rains it is kept inside the shed. Entire herd is vaccinated as per the schedule prescribed by the veterinarian. “I have appointed the veterinarian on monthly pay role. He visits the farm everyday and supervises goats’ health. He gives timely treatment to the herd. In addition, he has trained Ranjeet for the general look after. I too have studied the medicines for the routine medical ailments in the goats therefore inspite of sitting far I can manage everything,” says Mr. Desai. “We pay lot of attention on cleanliness and hygiene in the entire farm so the herd is healthy and farm is free of any smell. The shed is designed and constructed scientifically.”

Shivai Goat Farm

WhatsApp is widely used to network with goat buyers and sellers. “With this app connectivity has become extremely fast and easy! I came to know many people involved in goat trading through this modern technology. Initially for the farm set up I procured all the goats from different locations. I came in contact with these people through different goat groups at WhatsApp. Similarly now for direct sales too I extensively use the app to connect with my buyers on the group ‘Shivai Goat Farm’,” he emphasizes. Mostly the goat kids are pre-booked at the farm much before the actual sales. “Buyers will select the kid and book it for purchase when it is adult. Till then we raise the kid for them. So it is all booked in advance. Later the same is sold on basis of weight as per the market rates.”

In future expansion is on the cards, “If all goes well, I will set up one more farm. I will buy bucks for breeding and increase the herd size. Surely I have to stay in this business only,” affirms and concludes Mr. Sunil Desai.

Contact details:
Shivai Goat Farm
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