Edge India Agrotech

Shimla based company’s vision is to develop livelihood and alleviate poverty of poor farmers and strengthen country’s economy

Vivek Sharma

Edge India Agrotech was established in 2009 in New Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The     founders of this company are Mr. Mahesh Sood and Mr. Vivek Sharma.

Edge India Agrotech are consultants in generation next (agro) technologies. It provides all agro related solutions under one umbrella and undertake projects on turnkey basis. The company deals in manufacturing and supplying Green houses, Planting materials, Seeds, Irrigation solutions, Agronomy supports, Pre and post crop management and finally providing marketing solutions for the end produce.

Edge India Group of companies work with a mission and vision to improve the lives of farmers and to provide economic stability to rural masses. Its latest revolutionary division is Edge India Agrotech, which has been launched with a deep vision to excel the lives and reframe economic conditions of farmers by providing them best of the global technologies and agro-inputs to extract more and best quality assured produce with zero percent fear of natural calamities.
The company was started in 2006 with the biggest polyhouse project in Himachal Pradesh covering almost 25,000 sq.mtr., which failed due to misguidance and lack of proper consultancy. This failure pushed the duo to go deep into the subject. So they tied up with the best global consultants from Israel, Holland, Italy, Japan and California. They got the true picture of subject and revived their projects from a failure to the biggest success story in Himachal Pradesh. This year the company’s turnover has touched Rs.15 crore (approx).

Edge India Agrotech has got plans to come up with polyhouse farming, hydroponics, soilless cultivation, automated drip irrigation system and fan pad system.

Edge India’s main concern is to educate farmers particularly farming community in North India, as they lack in education and farming exposure. To educate farming community, Edge India Agrotech organizes educative seminars and workshops, wherein global consultants are invited to give lectures and demonstrations. The company also participates in agro fairs and interacting directly with progressive farmers. The main focus are Northern India, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab and wish to spread the farming activities to other states like Bihar, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

In Shelter farming, crops are grown under controlled condition in a Polyhouse. Important parameters like temperature, humidity, carbon di oxide concentration and light spectrum are altered. In this way crops grow healthily and gives high yield.

In Edge India Agrotech, 25 employees are working. The company prefers employees from agriculture background either academically or practical experience in the farming field.
Edge India Agrotech’s Technical Director is Mr. Vivek Sharma and he is a B.E in Chemical Engineering from Punjab University. He is in the farming field for the past 6 years.

Mr. Vivek Sharma says that plant management is the core of success which is totally missing in our agri sector. There is no one in our industry with their own R & D center on different crops done under the Polyhouse. The whole concept revolves around high returns which are directly related to production, quality and consistency. All these important parameters are dependent on plants.

“Agro is the industry with vertical growth, and a lot more is yet to happen in this sector. We are far behind than many other countries in terms of productivity per unit resources. Competition leads to continuous improvement and we are always ready for such a healthy competition,’’ says Vivek Sharma.

“We, at Edge India Agrotech work 18 hours a day, and so I gained 9 years of experience in agri field in 6 years even though I am a B.E graduate,’’ proudly recollects Vivek Sharma.

Our Correspondent

For further information, contact, Mr. Vivek Sharma, Technical Director, Edge India Agrotech, D-37, Sector-1, Phase-1,
New Shimla – 171009, Himachal Pradesh, India. Phone: 080910 33305
Email: edgerupesh@yahoo.co.in

Source : Agriculture & Industry Survey  [/hidepost]