Sriram Poultry

M.S.Sriram is an advocate by profession, practicing in Karnataka High Court. He has a poultry farm of 45000 birds

Mr. Sriram is not only into poultry farming but also has business interests in sandalwood,  milia dubia and sheep farming. He has a poultry farm of 45000 birds; sandalwood nursery of 1,50,000 capacity; milia dubia nurery of 75,000 capacity; and sheep farm of 550 amimals. He is an advocate by profession, practicing in Karnataka High Court.

Poultry Farming : Mr. Sriram is into commercial poultry for the last 11 years. He supplies to Suguna Poultry. His annual turnover from the poultry business is more than Rs. 50 lakhs. There are about 120 to 140 people working in the poultry farm.
Sandalwood Nursery :  The sandalwood plantation is in Maraheru village in Kolar district, Karnataka.  He sources the seeds from Namdhari Seeds and Australia. “Germination of sandal saplings is difficult. I get germination with some treatment at 25 to 30 percent. I initially grow them with controlled climate with necessary shade and nutrients,” says Mr. Sriram.

He informs sandalwood saplings cannot be grown using tissue culture, adding, “Sandal is a parasite that lives on other plants’ roots. I help my customers with host plants with less cost and periodical information.”  Mr. Sriram also counsels agriculturists to grow sandalwood, with selection of place, soil, climate and temperature; and selection of primary host, secondary host and permanent host, besides others.

Milia Dubia Nursery :  Mr. Sriram grows milia dubia as it is a permanent host for sandal. He maintains that it requires less investment, less water initially and can be harvested for plywood industry and timber within 5 to 6 years. On an average one tree yields 10 to 15 cft. of timber.

Sheep Farm :  The sheep in Sriram Sheep Farm are stall fed. The farm makes its own maize silage to feed the lamb. “The silage is  a readymade, cost effective food,” says Mr. Sriram. He breeds Kenguri sheep in his farm.

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For more information contact :
Mr.M.S Sriram, Advocate,
#163, 3rd Floor, Rajeswari Complex, R.V.Road, V.V.Puram,
Bangalore -560 004. Mob.No. 9448264261

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