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Supplies seeds and bio products such as bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides bio-soil enrichers and bio-organic plant vitalizers

Ashish Wele

Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1988 by the agripreneurs at Pachora in Maharashtra. The NSPL is an ISO 9001-2008 accredited company. The R&D Lab of Nirmal Seeds is approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India. The company specializes in seeds mainly for subtropical region including major field crops and vegetables.

“Nirmal is a market leader in crops like red gram, black gram, mung bean and pearl millet. Further, it is a recipient of award for significant research contribution in bajra: Society of Millet Research and All India Co-ordinated Pearl millet Improvement Project awarded the Best Private Sector Pearl millet Research Award in the year 2009; and for pulses: Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development, ICAR has conferred the Certificate of Merit for outstanding contribution in Pulses Research in the year 2011,”says Mr. Ashish Wele, President (Business Head).

He adds, “Due to the company’s outstanding research work in pearl millet, CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research) and IFRI (International Food Policy Research Institute) has selected Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd for the Harvest Plus programme, funded by Bill Gates and Melinda foundation, which focuses on nutritional breeding.”
The major clients of the company are farmers and they are served through network of seed distributors, dealers and retailers. “Certain corporate clients for organic inputs all across India are the other important buyers for Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd.,” says Mr. Wele, adding, “Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd is a preferred seed company for bulk supply of seeds and bio-inputs to government of Orissa, government of Rajasthan, government of Assam andgovernment of Arunachal Pradesh.”

Sales and Distribution
Nirmal Seeds offers 140 seed products in 35 crops. “Besides we market bio-products under various categories like organic manures, soil enricher, plant growth vitalizers, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, which plays an important role in integrated crop management for sustainable agriculture. We focus on organic agriculture to support integrated agriculture approach,” says Mr. Wele.

Some if its popular seed varieties are mung bean variety Naval  and desi cotton variety, Ambika (NACH-12), which has coarse and short fibre with high moisture absorbency. “”Ambika cotton has tremendous demand in surgical as well as hosiery industry. Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd; is the leading supplier of seeds in this exclusive segment,” maintains Mr. Wele.

The company has marketing and sales operations in 19 states through 1330 direct outlets/ distributors. “Marketing is operated through seventeen regional offices cum depots, which has helped for smooth product distribution to the end users. Company is now poised to develop its marketing links in Middle East, Sri Lanka and East of Africa,” says Mr. Wele.

He adds, “We are very focused on marketing of oil seeds and pulses, since last one decade. Additionally, as a strategic planning the company is marketing Gossypiumarborium, a short staple length cotton in central part of India.

Marketing Initiatives
To spread awareness about its products, Nirmal works closely with farmers across states, educating them in the use of seeds and bio-products. “This is achieved by conducting seminars, farmers meeting, demonstration programs, laboratory to land visits, dealer conferences and other training programs. Most importantly, company organizes demonstration visits in its R&D for distributors and farmers in kharif and rabi season respectively.”

Speaking about the challenges faced by the company, Mr. Wele says, “Being two and half decades in market, Nirmal Seeds has developed its own brand, however, since, last eight to ten years, MNC’s are playing vital role in Indian market due to their tremendous technological back up, which is becoming the major challenge for most of the Indian origin seed companies,” adding, “The other challenges are farmer’s illiteracy, confusion on products with new technological advances, product awareness, spurious seed market, intensifying competition, government policies, protection of intellectual

Nirmal Seeds has been its own R&D centre.Mr. Wele avers, “Indian Seed industry with its considerable growth rate and increasing R&D is expected to rise to a higher level in the international market in the future years. Consolidated effort and focus can drive the market towards a farmer friendly and growth oriented industry.”

NirmalSeeds also recognizes and supports progressivefarmers. “The company applauds these farmers for adopting proven scientific methods of farming that lead to increases in crop yield. These farmers have gone on to share their new techniques and contributed to the growth of agriculture as a whole. Hence farmers are short-listed and honored by Nirmal Seeds Pvt. Ltd. Nirmal work and contribution to agricultural,” he says.

Mr. Wele is a post graduate in agriculture and post graduate diploma in marketing. His focus right now is develop the company in global market with thrust on Africa, facilitate the company working with ERP/ soft skills and R & D project funding through different agencies. He is responsible for developing Centre of Excellence for seed production in Ethiopia.

He is also spearheading robust international relationship program with key stakeholders including foreign governments, universities, R & D centers ambassadors, U N organizations and funding agencies to explore opportunities in efficient agriculture farming development and sustainable seeds production model.

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