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Manufactures and exports photographic chemicals, oil field chemicals and fine chemicals in Vadodara, Gujarat

Rahul Madan Shimpi

Shakti Chemicals was established in 1983. It is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. The company is headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat. The company recently started the production of ammonium thiosulphate solution (ATS), which is used as fertilizer in agriculture.

Speaking about their new product liqui-thio, Mr. Rahul Madan Shimpi, export executive, says, “Our product ammonium thiosulphate solution is used mainly in photo industry to manufacture color fixer and developer. In 2008 we were finding other applications of products we manufacture. We found that ATS can be used as liquid fertilizer because it contains sulphur and nitrogen. After that we got testing done in private laboratories to establish its usability as liquid fertilizer.”

Initial Research : Speaking about the initial research, Mr. Shimpi says, “Initially we went through the information available online for usage and technical content required in ammonium thiosulphate solution (liqui –thio).  We got our product tested in private laboratories based at Baroda and Chennai for results. We kept doing R&D on the product based on the test results, till we achieved the desired product. We have also tested ATS on plants in our factory gardens, and have noticed that growth of plants has been substantial.”
Major Challenges Faced: When asked about the challenges faced in the production and marketing of liqui-thio, Mr. Shimpi says, “One of the major challenges was to get numeric data on usage of products on various plants and the growth rate.

However, we were not into fertilizer business before. So we do not have any statistical data of yield rate of plants after using ATS. That’s why we have contacted local fertilizer manufacturers in India to take trial of this product and their views.”

Regarding certification, he says, “We have not taken any certification. Actually in India, ATS cannot be sold directly to farmers. Moreover we do not want to go into retail business. Hence we supply directly to fertilizer manufacturing companies who have distribution channel and certifications.”
He adds, “Our target customers are fertilizer manufacturing companies, who are into liquid soluble fertilizer manufacturing. We have also targeting international markets in Canada, Israeli and South Africa. We are currently exporting to Australia.”

Benefits of the Product : Liquid-Thio contains 12 % of nitrogen and 26 % of sulphur. It has the following benefits: · It slows nitrogen losses in starters · Without sulphur, crops will not make efficient use of other nutrients and will not reach their full yield or quality potential. Liqui-Thio is an excellent source of sulphur for crops · It is compatible with most liquid fertilizer materials · Increases yield of crops, vegetables and fruits · Easy to use as it is water solubleand can be given through drip irrigation · Cost effective
Competition : Commenting on competition, Mr. Shimpi says, “Our competitors are mainly in US and Europe. So we have tough competition in international market.

In India very few people are aware of ATS used as  liquid fertilizer, hence we see less competition.”  However, he foresees a lot of growth potential for liqui-thio in the country. “If the product reaches farmers on time and get proper guidance on usage there will be huge demand for this product. In other countries they are using ATS in very huge quantity. We are trying to contact bulk and big manufacturers to market the benefits and usage of  ATS,” he adds.

Other Products : Shakti Chemicals is also doing R&D on the product potassium thiosulphate solution (K-thio) which will contain 19-25% of K and 16% S. “However, we have not taken trial of the product yet. Once all R & D will be done we will launch this product,” says Mr. Shimpi. The demand for their products has not yet caught up. “Fertilizer manufacturers in India are in the process of taking up the testing of the product. Hence market share at this stage is negligible.”

Future Plans : The company plans to develop more water soluble fertilizer products which benefit farmers in terms of cost effectiveness, easy to use and increase in yield of plants / crops.

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