Vibha Seeds : Mrs. Chandravathi Parchuri

Woman of Substance

As the Executive Director of Vibha Seeds Group, Mrs. Chandravathi Parchuri, is instrumental in transforming Vibha Seeds Group into one of the leading crop genetics and hybrid seed companies in the domestic market. She leads from the front, handling the company’s crucial finance and administrative operations.

A woman of substance, Mrs. Parchuri personifies courage and confidence, breaking the glass ceiling in the Indian agri business. Her excellent grasp of strategic finance and administrative expertise has played a significant role in the growth of Vibha Seeds Group. Her prudent cash-flow management and impeccably timed strategic investments are responsible for the excellent financial security of the company.
Mrs. Parchuri is an agricultural graduate from the Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, Andhra Pradesh, India. She has more than two decades of experience in the financial sector, beginning her career with the Syndicate Bank as an Agricultural Finance Officer. Since then she has held various leadership positions in areas of Finance, Human Resources, Infrastructure Development and other Administrative departments. Mrs. Parchuri was appointed as Director of Finance of the Vibha Seeds Group in 1995. She has been active in navigating the financials of the group with a focus on building in systems in a cross-functional situation, thus laying strong foundations of a robust fiscal discipline in the group. On the cusp of a growth threshold that proposes to launch the group into a trajectory of a faster and higher growth, the organization looks up at Mrs. Parchuri for a focused financial guidance and direction.

Vibha Seeds Group is now increasing its presence in international markets and Mrs. Parchuri is at the helm of Vibha Seeds Group global foray, which includes expanding the group operations in Australia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Egypt and some Gulf countries. In addition Mrs. Parchuri serves as the Director of Vidyasagar Foundation (VIFOU) a not-for-profit society with a significant objective to promote the cause of agricultural education, research and development so as to impact on the quality of rural livelihood and to drive socio-economic change in rural India. Creation of VIFOU by the group’s Chairman Mr. Vidyasagar Parchuri and his family aims at fulfilling the urgent need to fortify the rural masses through deployment of modern farming practices, and employment-generating training.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Parchuri, both Vibha Seeds Group and the Foundation have hosted many important international and national scientific meetings and workshops, and serves in global and national forums to advice on programs related to agricultural development.

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