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Specializes in the production and manufacture of complete components for drip and sprinkler irrigation.  Interview with Dr. P Soman, Senior Vice President

Dr. P. Soman

Dr. P. Soman

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd is a public company that specializes in the manufacture of complete components for drip and sprinkler irrigation and has an important bearing in the agricultural sector.  The company has 23 manufacturing bases spread over 5 continents and their products are distributed by about 3000 distributors worldwide.

In an interview with Agricultural and Industry Survey, Dr. P. Soman,  Senior Vice President gave us an in depth view of his company and working policies. On asking the number of people working with the company,  Dr Soman said, “We have about 6000 associates working in our company. We have offices and depots in all the states in India”.

“We manufacture complete components for drip and sprinkler irrigation system. Drip Irrigation System normally includes PVC pipes, PE pipes, In-line and online emitters, filters, fertilizer injection equipments, valves and other fittings and accessories. Sprinkler Irrigation system includes Metal and Plastic sprinklers, Rain guns, PE pipe for sprinklers etc.
We also produce pipes for various applications like conveyance of water, slurries, drainage, gas, chemicals, telecom duct, SWR pipes and fittings for all categories of applications” says Dr Soman about their work and components produced.

The company manufactures complete set of  Drip and Sprinkler irrigation system and its components.

Drip irrigation system
Drip irrigation system is one of the most viable systems of irrigation as it is very economical. The company has an excellent system of drip irrigation which has been a boon to many agricultural sectors. On being asked about their drip irrigation system, Dr Soman says, “Drip irrigation is a pressurized irrigation system in which pressurized water is conveyed through main and sub main pipelines to drip lines. The emitter (dripper) in the drip lines emits the water to the soil at atmospheric pressure. Because the orifices of the drippers are very small, this water has to be filtered through an efficient infiltration system. Dripper provides water to the root system of the plants”.

“Jain micro irrigation system is special because all the components required for assembly of drip irrigation system is manufactured in the company itself and with the highest quality standards (BIS)” says Dr Soman. This system has many benefits apart from being economical like light, potable and corrosive resistance. He further elaborated on the advantages of drip irrigation system as:
· It has recorded increase in yield up to 230%
· Saves water up to 70%. More land can be irrigated with the water thus saved.
· It increases water productivity.
· Crop grows consistently, healthier and matures fast.
· Early maturity results in higher and faster returns on investment.
· “Fertilizer use efficiency” increases by 30 %.(wastage of fertilizer is less)
· Drip Irrigation can also be used for marginal land and at places where quality of water is poor.
· Less diseases and insect occurrence because of lack of excessive wetting.
· Cost of fertilizers, inter-culturing and labor use gets reduced.
· Fertilizer and Chemical Treatment can be given through Drip System itself.
· Undulating terrains, Saline, Water logged, Sandy & Hilly lands can also be brought under productive cultivation.
· It is suitable for any type of land terrain.
· Special fully automated drip Irrigation system is supplied for high value cultivation in green houses and poly tunnels.
· Saves energy.

Sprinkler irrigation system
Sprinkler irrigation system is also a very effective method of irrigation where water is sprayed to plants through a sprinkler. This company sprinkler irrigation system is very unique and special, “We have a larger range of Sprinkler system with various discharges and distribution pattern. We manufacture both plastic and metallic sprinklers. We also supply total sprinkler system (i.e., conveyance pipes and fittings.)” says Dr Soman.

The company has different types of sprinkler irrigation systems. “These include large Rain gun, large impact sprinklers, micro sprinkler system, shiftable sprinkler system, Semi-permanent sprinkler system, rainport system with micro sprinklers, rainport system with sprinklers etc”, says Dr Soman.

There are different types of crops and plants that are benefitted by drip and sprinkler irrigation systems and they have been helpful in giving the plant on healthy growth. “Sprinkler friendly crops include ground nut, leafy vegetables, onion and potatoes, ornamental crops and other field crops. Drip friendly crops include all orchard crops, vegetable crops, plantation crops, ornamental crops, cereals, pulses, oil seeds and cash crops like cotton and sugarcane”, says Dr Soman on crops that require drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Other important systems
The company’s filtration, fertigation and chemigation system are also of the latest technology and help a lot in irrigation in agricultural areas. . Dr Soman tells us about his water filters and filtration system, “Water carries suspended as well as dissolved impurities. The filtration system will remove suspended impurities.

A disc or screen filter will remove silt particles, dry and organic impurities. A sand filter will remove organic impurities like algae, dry leaf particles etc. A hydro cyclone filter will remove sand particles carried with water. A drip irrigation system can have a combination of filters”.

When asked about fertigation system and chemigation equipments in irrigation, . Dr Soman said, “Fertigation system has three main equipments:
· Ventury
· Fertilizer tank
· Injector pump
They run with the pressure of water. None of these require additional motor to pump”.

The company has tie-ups with many different centers and is undertaking a number of irrigational projects in order to solve the issue of irrigation in agricultural areas. . Dr Soman told us about some of the different turnkey projects his company has undertaken recently.

· Balh valley medium irrigation project
· Lift Irrigation Micro Irrigation Project, Nalgonda
· Lift Irrigation Micro Irrigation Project, Kadapa
· Tamil Nadu Horticulture Development project
· Precision farming project
· The projects executed also include
· Implementation of Water supply distribution system and House service
· Connection to Urban Habitats under Karnataka Urban Water Sector
· Improvement Project.
· AP Micro Irrigation Project
· Gujarat Micro Irrigation Project, GGRC.

The list is by no means exhaustive.
Their irrigation system has been installed in different parts of India. “We have installed our irrigation systems throughout the length and breadth of the country. Our installations can be found in large numbers in Maharashtra, AP, TN, Gujarat, Karnataka, HP, MP, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, UP, Bihar, North Eastern states, J&K and others” says  Dr Soman.

They also have wide export business and they sell their products abroad thereby spreading their work internationally. “We export to about 125 countries across the world.

Today we are the second largest Micro-Irrigation company in the world and have 6 manufacturing plants in North America, 2 in South America, 2 in Europe, 1 in Australia and 2 in Asia. In India we have 3 plants in Jalgaon, 1 each in Hyderabad Coimbatore, Baroda, Bhavnagar and Kalamb (HP), 2 in Chittoor, AP. Among our overseas acquisitions 3 are in the Micro Irrigation space; namely NAANDANJAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS CS, ISRAEL, CHAPIN WATERMATICS and AQUARIUS BRANDS INC IN USA”, comments Dr Soman on their overseas presence.

After sales service
The best part of this company is that their work does not end by just producing irrigation products and equipments. They ensure that their product is feasible to the farmers, “Intervention of central and state governments have subsidized the cost of an Irrigation system in order to a] promote a very essential and efficient technology in water and fertilizer management b] to increase the area under irrigation cover using the existing water resources” says Dr Soman. They have a very systematic and modern training programme to create awareness and knowledge for: · Farmers both in India and abroad · Govt. department officials · Own field technicians · Managers and project leaders. · Entrepreneurs · Students  · Technocrats · Bankers

“We also have refresher programmes for Engineers and technicians in service. Concerted efforts in after sales service is a continuous feature. In order to build awareness of micro-irrigation, the company has conducted all round training programs covering farm owners, farm operators, designers, installers, as well as the maintenance staff both on site as well as in classrooms. We educate them on how excess of water is injurious to the health of the crop as well as soil.

We have a Hi- tech Agri institute- a Farm Resource R&D, Demo and Training and Extension centre. Here we train about 50,000 visitors annually. Besides we assist our customers in designing the system by collecting and analyzing water and soil samples and recommending remedial measures for problems in water/soil. For larger projects, we assist farmers in installing and maintaining the drip irrigation products through our crew of trained technicians.

We religiously carry out extension activities and communicate better agronomical practices”, says . Dr Soman on his services.

Reason for Success
When we asked  Dr Soman what is the beacon light behind their company that is soaring to heights of success, Dr Soman said, “Our success lies in our basic approach to revolutionize the way an average Indian farmer does farming with combination of local knowledge and hi-tech scientific methodology and to ensure that he succeeds.

Concurrently the following activities spearheaded by the company have had a lasting Value:

· Jain Irrigation has pioneered drip Irrigation for small farmers in India and through a string of acquisitions is now acknowledged as the World leader in Micro Irrigation industry.

· Jain Irrigation manufactures the complete range of precision products involved in the Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System.

· Jain Drip Irrigation System and components are a result of high end precision manufacturing using high quality virgin raw materials.

· We provide Agronomic and Extension support, after sales services for achieving better crop returns.

· JAINS are a one stop shop for total Agricultural input needs and can take up total turn-key Agricultural Development Projects of any size within the country or abroad, irrespective of land, topography, soil, water and other

· Agro-climatic conditions. We have over 1000 technocrats, engineers, agronomists, horticulturists at regional offices as well as trained dealers, distributors all over India and abroad.

· We offer training and extension services at our sprawling 2000 acre Hi-tech Agri Institute. Our mission is to leave the world better than we found it”.  It is clear that a company with such great policies and goals has to reach the heights of glory.

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  • Shajan Edward

    Dear Sir,

    I having 5 mango trees in front of my house like 5 years old. All are grown well but the yied is very low all are getting enough water and sunlight.

    Please suggest the fertilizer to be used for good flowering and falling down of small mango.