Dates cultivation on dry lands

Profit of  Rs 1.6 lakhs per year from 1 acre
Dates cultivation on dry lands can fetch you Rs.1.5lakh per acre. Says Nizamuddin of Saliah Dates Nursery!



Arabian  date palms should be the right choice for our Agriculturists growing crops in water scarce areas. they belong to the phoenix family, which are very common in Indiaand particularly in Andhra Pradesh State. These are capable of withstanding harsh climatic  conditions   and erratic rainfall.

These can be grown with  minimum  maintenance, low expenditure and with nil chemical fertilizer expenses. The date palms also make a significant contribution towards creation of equable microclimates within oasis ecosystems, thusenabling agricultural development to be sustained in many drought and saline affected regions. It is estimated that total population of date palm trees is approximately 105 million trees covering an area of 8,00,000 ha.

Relevant statics indicate that around only 10% of the world product dates are traded. India imports around 40% of dates offered for sale of world market. It has imported 244 thousand tones during 200.

They do not get attacked by pests and diseases. Animals do not browse these trees.
Agri Dr nassar is the specialist of this date palm crop. Mr S. Nizamudeen of saliah dates nursery in Dharmapuri dist having experience for 20 years in this field speaks to us: The date fruits have high nutrient value and medicinal uses. The date palm trees are gifts to agriculturists in drought hit areas. Considering the minimum input, the profits are enormous. Profits continue for 100 years at a stretch.
We at Saliah, supply best arabial varieties like ajiva, mcdhumiyan, shukri, and muscat. Now we also import and sell meznaz, chayar, Jagulul, Barri, Jagider, Kathravi and  kalas.  These grow from 5 to 10 feet. These are all female trees and bear fruits from the second year of planting.
Planting and irrigation
While planting the pit should be 2’x2’x2’. Bio-fertilizers like earthworm manure, sheep manure or farm yard manure any one of these can be applied while planting.

Space of 20’x20’ for 112 seedlings per acre is sufficient.

Irrigation of 30 litres per tree once in seven days upto 1 year. Next 2 years 50 litres per tree once in 15 days. For further 2 years 100 litres per tree once  a month. If the plantation is under drip irrigation the drips should be converted into tubs, which is called tube irrigation, provided there should be successful borewell or open well with pump system. If water facility is not there, the earthern pots can be buried at every plant with a small hole and fixing a tube. The pots have to be filled with water from outsie.

Rate per Kg    –    Rs 20,00
Average yield per tree    –    100Kg
Total trees per acre    –    110 nos
(out of which 30 male plants
Total yielding trees per acre    –    80 nos
proft per tree (100kg xRs20)    –    Rs 2000/
Total proft (Rs2000x80trees)    –    Rs 1,60,000

Inter crops cultivtion
In between the date palm plants, following can be intercropped: usiri (amla), anjur (fig), bathai, seethaphal, danimma, groundnuts, redgrams, green grams, horse grams, til, sunflowers, maize, jawari, sorgum (sajja), ragi, korra, kusuma, floriculture: marigold (banthi), jasmin, roses, lilly, chamanthi, kapakambaralu, etc. Palmarosa grass, lemon grass, aloevera, aswaganda, shathavari, ect. All leafy vegetables and other vegetable can be grown if water is sufficient. Date Plam is unisexual tree pollination is absolutely essential for every 20 female trees. Arificial pollination by hand has to be done. For better pollination. Honey bee rearing is to be introduced, which gives side income also. Protection: To protect the plants from cattle and other trees passes, the plantation area has to be feneed with barbed wire. The fruit bunches have to be covered withNylon nets or plastic nets in order to protect the fruits from birds. Monkeys and squirrels.

Flowering is during January or february.  Trees yield fruits for harvesting by June or July .After 5 years of planting the fruit is collected at 3 stages. The fruit yielding starts from 5th year of planting. Under Rainfed conditions, the yield will be 25 kgs/ plant in 5th year, 50 kgs in 6th year, 60 kgs in 7th year, 70kgs in 8th year, 80kgs in 9th year, and 90to 100 kgs in 10th year, Under drip irrigation or pot irrigation, the yield in 5th year is 40 kgs, in 6th year 80kgs, in 7th year 100 kgs in 8th year 100 kgs, in 9th year 150 kgs, in 10th year 150kgs, in 11th year 150 kgs, and in 12th year 150 kgs. The average of 150 kgs date palm fruits yield should be maintainted every year, which will facilitate the to be healthy. The date palm trees will yield upto 50 years successfully and yields next 50 years with decreasing quantities. The trees will survive for 100 years healthily.  World researchers say there are chances of 50 male seedlings per 100 trees growing by the side of bigger trees. These unwanted male seedlings can be removed and female seedlings planted in its place. They will start yielding fruits from next year onwards. For better pollination and better fruit yield, 10 male date palms are necessary for 100 female date trees.

Afghan Fig Seedlings
We supply best varieties of Afghan figs.Within 6 months of -planting they give fruits. Daily income for 5 months is guaranteed, full of medical properties. Market price is high for these Afghan figs. We sell only imported varieties of fig.

Insulin plant best remedy for diabetes
This is a rare and wonder plant. If the leaves are chewed daily, it lowers blood sugar level. No side effects. This is analysed and saentifically proven lay cochin university of scierce technology (CUSAT)

S.Nizamudin of Saliadates had furnished us full details regarding all aspects of dates growning, its varieties planting, irrigation, inter crop cultivation, yield and income.  When so much financial benefit could be made for a continous 100 years with minimum maintenance and expenditure.  Our farmers could plant the dates in their dry land and get benefitted.

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