Vedant Enviro-Agro & Irrigation

Engaged in supplying rain guns sprinklers in partnership with Italian rain gun manufacturer SIME.

Vedant Enviro-Agro & Irrigation Tech (P) Ltd. is engaged in supplying rain guns sprinklers in partnership with Italian raingun manufacturer SIME. “Being an agricultural engineer with more than a decade of experience in the field if irrigation management and marketing, I did see some gaps and thus saw an opportunity to bring this new technology into the Indian market,” avers Mr. Arun Bagri, managing director. “During my visit to Italy, I could see many farms using rain guns, covering large areas from a single point. Our search for a partner zeroed down to SIME Italy, which provided value for money and had many models to choose from to meet Indian conditions,” he adds. Vedant is headquartered in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Rain Gun Sprinklers
Rain Guns are large area covering sprinklers that save labor and time compared to irrigation with smaller sprinklers. Rain-gun irrigation system can be designed with either a fixed system, where only a rain-gun is required to be moved on underground outlets or a portable system where a portable lateral with rain-gun stand is progressively moved.
Following are some of the advantages of rain gun irrigation: * Half to one acre sprinkling from one position * Saves water, time and labour for irrigation by more than double
* Highly energy efficient – saves on power and pumping cost. * Improves plant health with saving on pesticides cost * Avoid salination caused due to over irrigation-maintains soil productivity * Timely sowing and better germination with less water * One rain-gun can cover upto 10 acres – under portable system. * Very economical using PVC undergroun – mains & HDPE portable laterals

Some of the salient features of Vedant rain guns are the following: * Italian technology
* Useful for many applications – irrigation of crops, landscapes and sports ground and dust suppression * Droplet size and impact to suit delicate crops * Angle of rotation is adjustable for full and part circle

* Light weight and sturdy with high workmanship – no maintenance cost over many years of use * Highly energy efficient with uniform sprinkling -works from 2 to5 kg/cm2 water Pressure, various turbo-gear and impact driven models of all discharge capacity available.

Range of Products and Applications
The various models of rain guns offered by the company are the following:
* Rain Gun for Irrigation: Vedant rain guns are suitable for cultivation of groundnut, onion, potato, vegetables, sugarcane, fodder crops, cotton, medical plants, chillies, wheat, soyabean, gram, nurseries and floriculture.
* Rain Gun for Dust Suppression: Vedant “Enviro Rain-Guns” are useful for dust suppression in mining and associated operations. Together with high-pressure HDPE pipes and pumpset, it is an economical and effective system in controlling dust, by spraying water at desired intervals. The systems can be automatic/semi automatic as per the requirements. As compared with water tanker system, it has much less running cost. The south eastern coalfields are using Vedant rain guns.

* Rain Gun for Landscape and Sports Field Irrigation: Following are some of the usages in landscape and sports field irrigation:
o   Light sprinkling of entire area in much less time and labour o   Keeps the landscape and sports ground clean and green o   Timer and sensor units can be added for automation.
o   Turbo-driven technology models MARINER & SKIPPER most suitable for this application.

* Battery Operated Knapsack Sprayer: A battery operated knapsack sprayer with re-changeable battery, can be worked non-stop for 3 to 4 hours. It saves considerably on fuel, labour and maintaince cost and can recover its cost within a year.

* Sprayer Piston Pumps: The three piston sprayer pump with auto pressure release technology has been introduced to Indian farmers for pesticide spraying. New technology spray guns offering high efficient spraying angles, in various lengths are also available. Further comparing the power sprayers with knapsack sprayers, Mr. Bagri says, “Power sprayers are used for insecticide spraying over longer distance with less demand on labor. There are many variations now available to do the job more precise and saving in pesticide use.”

* Automatic Traveling Irrigator: This irrigator machine facilitates automatic shifting of working sprinkler over a strip of land to irrigate the area without any labor requirement. Driven by inlet ware pressure, the turbine mechanism rolls HDPE pipes, which has been first laid through the farm. “This machine is very popular overseas, as it saves on labor fully while irrigating. The cost of this machine is from Rs. 1.5 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs depending on the model and capacity,” avers Mr Bagri.

* High Pressure Washers: A portable high pressure washer unit of Italian origin is available for very high degree of cleaning and washing requirements of vehicles, workshop floors, Dairy farms and community kitchens. It uses very less water and offers a water pressure of about 100 to 120 Kg/cm2 for very high degree of cleaning. It requires a single phase 30A domestic electrical connection. It’s a trigger operated spray-gun capable of direct pin-point washing or in a cone shape for wider coverage. Even water soluble detergents can be used with the machine.

* Tractor PTO Pumps for Irrigation: Transported and powered by tractor, Vedant Tractor pumps are specially designed for operating rain guns directly from the tractor P.T.O. shaft, saving on loss of power transmission and maintenance cost as observed in pulley-belt drive pumping system.

* Bird Scarrer: Bird scarrer is a gas operated machine which gives particular frequency sound to keep away animals or birds entering the farm. The time gap of sound can also be adjusted. The direction of the sound is also automatically changed after each detonation. It is used to protect crops from birds and animals.

Installation for Rain Gun
When asked if rain guns require any installation, Mr. Bagri avers, “These days many of the farmers already have smaller sprinkler units supplied under government subsidy schemes and if the same sprinkler pipes are of good quality, can be used for the rain guns. Only a booster pump set needs to be added, in case the water pressure from the existing pump set is low to meet the pressure requirement of rain guns, which is around 2.5  to 3 kg per A 10 acre portable installation costs from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 if the farmer has underground PVC mains and suitable pumpset.

Sale of Products
When asked about the sale of Vedant’s rain guns, Mr. Bagri says, “Being a pioneer in the rain gun concept in India, and since the quality of our rain-guns already got tested over the years of use by our farmers, we have the brand advantage. Also there are different models to choose from, to suit individual farmer’s need. More than 15,000 farmers are already using Vedant-SIME rain guns in India.”  The company not only caters to the domestic markets but also exports the rain guns. “We have exported to Bangladesh, Nepal and are recently working on a consignment to be supplied to Middle East countries,” maintains Mr. Bagri.

The states leading in sale of the products are Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. “These states are leading in adopting Rainguns,” avers Mr. Bagri. “We sell more than 2000 rainguns of different capacity per annum,” he maintains. Some of the prominent clients of the company are Western Coalfields, Agricultural Universities, Udaipur Airport landscape, Indian Hume Pipes and Gupta Coal Washeries beside others.

Marketing Network
The company has dealers throughout India to market its products. “We do have some sales through farmers help groups. Recently we are following up with ITC Bazar for making available the product to their farmer group at best price,” avers Mr. Bagri.
Speaking about the obstacles faced by the company in marketing its products, Mr. Bagri says, “The farmers are still not aware of the technical know with respect to right pump selection and hence install wrong pumps not matching to their needs. We guide the farmers as to how the pumps should be selected and how they can save half the water by using right combination of pump and rain gun sprinklers.”

Government Assistance
Commenting on government assistance for developing the industry, Mr. Bagri suggests, “Government should assist the farmers by reworking the subsidy schemes so that farmers can get the right quality products of global standards. The government should develop a system like charging on the volumetric use of water for irrigation, so as to save this precious resource from wastage.”

Market Competition
Further speaking about competition in the industry, Mr. Bagri says, “As most of the irrigation companies are busy with working through government subsidy schemes, where volumes are more and quality can be compromised, so far not much competition is in this segment. Our product still requires educating the farmers and if he wants to purchase the sprinklers of global standard, he has to purchase through his own funds.”

Future Plans
Speaking about the company’s future plans, Mr. Bagri says, “We are in the process of introducing many innovative irrigation management products and the ones we recently introduced first time in India is the high pressure tractor operated small size irrigation pump, which can run the rain gun even at about 80 mts height, using power equivalent to 7.5HP.” Mr. Bagri is an agricultural engineering education from Punjab Agril. University. “I also have worked with few top irrigation management companies before starting this venture,” he says.

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