Samartha Greentech

Specializes in constructing high quality greenhouses and polyhouses across India. Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra.

Ajit Galvankar

Ajit Galvankar

Samartha Greentech was established by Mr. Ajit Galvankar in 1994. The company is engaged in hi-tech floriculture. Samartha is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. It specializes in constructing high quality greenhouses and polyhouses across India. It also provides high quality planting material imported from Holland.

“We are one of the pioneers in bringing these materials to India and successfully transferring growing technology to the farmers since 1994. Since then we have been involved in offering services to the farmers, corporates and government sector in short turnkey projects in floriculture,” maintains Mr. Galvankar.

After completing his M. Sc in agriculture, Mr. Galvankar went to the Netherlands to further train in hi-tech floriculture.
On his return he became a distributor of Holland-based companies for products like gladioli bulb and carnation cuttings, besides others. “I was driven by the motivation to do something big in agriculture by bring introducing India farmers to hi-tech agriculture, since India is only into traditional agriculture practices,” he says.

Services Offered
Samartha provides the following services:
· Survey & recommendation for crops like mango, sapota, pomegranade, papaya, strawberry, gladioli and other open crops development
· Preparation of bankable projects
· Assistance in getting sanctioned from Bank
· Assistance in marketing of produce in local as well as foreign market
· Technical guidance for all the above crops

Samartha constructs greenhouses with both Centrally Open Greenhouses as well as Closed System with Fan and Pad System Polyhouses. A greenhouse can be as big as a customer wants.

Advantages of Greenhouse
Greenhouse is used for floriculture, growing vegetables and tissue culture projects. In floriculture flowers like carnations, Dutch roses, gerbera and chrysanthemum grow well in greenhouses, while the main vegetables to be cultivated in greenhouses are capsicum, cherry tomato, musk melon and red cabbage.

Greenhouse gives an optimum controlled environment to the plants because of which they give high yields. It also provides a greater degree of protection from insects and pests. Plants are also protected from adverse extreme climatic conditions like excess heat, rains and cold.

Types of Greenhouses
· Open Vent Greenhouse: Open Vent Type Greenhouse means centrally open greenhouse where temperature and humidity are not controlled. It is only used for growing flower and vegetables. However, the temperature inside this greenhouse will be 4 to 5 degrees less than the outside temperature.
· Closed Polyhouses: Closed Polyhouse with fan and pad system is usually used in Tissue Culture Projects, for hardening the plants. The temperature inside the Closed Polyhouse is atleast 10 degrees lower than outside. However, the cost of construction is also higher when compared to an Open Vent Greenhouse.

Quality Assurance
Mr. Galvankar maintains that Samartha uses high quality raw materials for the construction of greenhouses. “We use G I Pipes, imported UV stabilized LDPE plastic from Israel, Holland, and Spain for construction of the greenhouses. We only use plastics of 200 micron thickness. The fan and pad systems are locally made, while materials like grippers etc are from U.S. based companies, made available through local distributors,” he maintains.
He further says, “We design our structures to meet the required standards of wind load and crop loads. We take proper care to design a greenhouse as per the crop and climatic requirements. All our operations while manufacturing the structure are machine made with proper care being taken to strengthen each and every joint we make and construct a structure which is rust free for as long as possible.”

Adding, “We use Plastro Irrigation, as well Jain Irrigation System based on the crop and farmers’ choice. We use good quality foggers with features like anti leakage, anti clogging foggers, drippers lateral pipes come from renowned companies, which are devoid of problems and longevity.”

[hidepost]Maintenance of Greenhouse
When asked about the frequency of the maintenance required, Mr. Galvankar maintains, “Our greenhouses require minimum and basic maintenance. The plastic needs to be changed only after every three to four years for proper maintenance of the greenhouse. However, it is advisable to change the plastic immediately if it gets damaged due to some external cause,” adding,
“The plastic should also be regularly cleaned to avoid formation of algal matter. It should also be protected from outside elements to avoid any sharp articles damaging the material.” Samartha also has a qualified team to support the functions and services offered. The team members come from agriculture background and are trained in Holland.

The company clocks an annual business turnover of Rs. 3 crores. Some of its prominent clients include Ispat Industries, Mariwala Farms, Zoish Orchard besides many cooperative societies and corporation. “We are also looking for reputed clients abroad to export our products to the international markets,” maintains Mr. Galvankar.

Contract Farming Operation
Samartha has farming operation on over 1000 acres of area, where it takes up contract farming. It takes up contract farming for crops like sweet maize, certain vegetables like broccoli, snowpeas, lemon, capsicum, musk melon, water melon. It is also trying marigold flower and castor seed production on a large scale.

Consultation Charges
Mr. Galvankar maintains that Samartha has a reasonable fee structure. “We provide good quality product at reasonable prices. We have built very good relations with all our clients and they keep coming back to us,” he adds.
In terms of government subsidy, Mr. Galvankar says 20% of the total capital cost comprising greenhouse, drip irrigation, planting material is provided by the National Horticulture Board.

Future of Industry
When asked if greenhouse business can be scaled up, Mr. Galvankar says, “It can be scaled up, but the project size has to be large, i.e more than 50 acres – bigger the size, higher the viability. The potential exist on large scale internal as well as foreign market. In green house you produce quality products, so demand will be more in coming year.”

Further speaking about the future of green house industry, he adds, “Green house industry will increase in future for this you have to have right kind of planting material; after supplying the material, right advice on varieties of material i.e which are good for markets, vase life etc, also market information, adopting new varieties, trying bigger size of green houses and tapping the market like Middle East will definitely give boost to this industry, that is why we are trying to help this industry by giving all services on a turn key basis. We have tied up with Holland company, which has good establishment in India, having good network of nurseries.”

Our Correspondent
Ajit Galvankar
Director and owner of the company
Samarth Greentech
Mobile no: 9822001692
E-mail :[/hidepost]

  • gaytri

    we want to install 5, 000 polyhouses of 100 sq meter each in Uttrabchal . Regarding that i would like to know that what is the cost per square meter for a low cost, medium cost and high cos poly house.
    What is the life of a low cost, medium cost and high cost polyhouse. How much maintainance is required. Does the type of polyhouse depends upon the agroclimatic zones, i mean in temperete zone a different kind of house will be required and in subtropical zone different kind of polyhouse will b needed.

  • abhishek

    i wish to open up a polyhouse in an area of 5000sq/m for gerbera and rose respectively.i want to know what would be the total cost of erecting the same ( both medium and low cost with their respective differences) along with other details which u think would b required for a layman like me… besides, how much subsidy would b provided by the govt and how it can b procurred

  • H S Sidhu

    I am interested in starting a venture on 1 acre of land in Uttrakhand for cultivation of Exotic vegetables and flowers.Kindly provide the approx cost of a polyhouse for a unit area.

  • dharmaraj

    I want know about high cost protected structure.what are all components present in this much cost per sq.m to construct high cost protected structure.

  • premsagar

    Dear sir,

    I am Prem Sagar, will work for horticulture department, Government of A.P.

    Our farmers want to grow tomato crop which comes upto 3 years.

    We want to visit those fields and further we want to establish in Hyderabad

    surroundings upto 10 acres extent in green house.

    Please help.

    Thanking you

    A. Prem sagar

    Cell: 9396732251


    sir can you send me detailed quotation for 20×30 meter naturally ventilated polyhouse please

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