KF Bioplants

Supplies plants like gerbera, carnation and anthurium all over India and to 25 countries around the world.

Kishore Rajhans

Kishore Rajhans

KF Bioplants Pvt. Ltd. is a plant biotech company, which is a joint venture between Kumar Properties and Florist de Kwakel B.V., Holland. The company was established in 1992. The company supplies plants like gerbera, carnation and anthurium all over India and to 25 countries around the world. KF Bioplants is located in Pune. “We produce around 25 million plants per year of different species like gerberas, lilum, limonium, calla lily, anthurium, orchids, rananculus, aalstroemeria, etc.

These plants are produced in laboratory and hardened in green houses. We have 10 acres of green houses which are fully controlled,” says Kishore Rajhans, vice president, KF Bioplant. He further adds, “KF Bioplants provides complete on-line technical assistance at every stage of the project, which includes field visits of their technical experts for guidelines on fertigation, pest-disease management and polyhouse conditions.” Mr. Rajhans is Masters in agriculture meteorology and has been associated with the company since its inception. I joined this company as a founder member along with 12 people. Today we are 600 +. Mr. Manish Kumar Jain, who is in real estate in Maharashtra, is the managing director of this company.

Infrastructural Facilities
KF Bioplants has the following infrastructural facilities:
· It has a 60,000 sq.ft. modern laboratory with separate initiation rooms.
· Eighteen fully monitored growth rooms to hold over 9 million plants at one time.
· It also has 4 Ha. environment controlled greenhouses to produce quality plants post in-vitro production.
· Cold storage units and logistic facilities.

Tech Tie-Ups
Besides Florist de Kwakel b.v., Holland, KF Bioplants also has a joint venture with Hilverda Plant Technology, Holland for propagation and marketing of carnation cuttings in India. The company is associated with numerous Dutch international plant breeders and laboratories like Deroose b.v., Sande b.v., KP Holland, Floricultura b.v., Kapitayen, Meijer b.v. (for potato varieties mainly for processing industries like crisp, fresh fries, etc.) & Danziger Farms from Israel.

KF Bioplants offers plants in-vitro or hardened young plants of the following commercially successful crops:
· Gerbera
· Carnation
· Anthurium
· Lilium
· Limonium
· Zantedeschia
· Phaelonopsis
· Gypsophila
· Potato

“We are in other crops also like carnation, anthurium, lilium, gypsophila, zanthedeschia, limonium and orchid. Our focus is mainly on ornamental flowering plants used for cut flower purpose. We are exporting gerbera plants (ex-agar as well as hardened plants) to almost 28 countries to the tune of 10 million plants,” maintains Mr. Rajhans.

Potato Program
The company started its potato programme in 2002 and successfully established in-vitro protocols for initiation, multiplication, rooting and post-vitro hardening and mini tuber production. The varieties available with the company are:
· Kufri Badshah
· Kufri Bahar
· Kufri Chipsona-3
· Kufri Jyoti
· Kufri Pukhraj

[hidepost]“To develop cost efficient varieties with maximum benefit for the complete potato chain up to end user. We have recently tied up with Meijer b.v., The Netherlands. This company is engaged in breeding programme of varieties adapted to meet the requirements of the end market user. Stress resistance and marketable yield, in combination with processing and cooking quality at the highest level support this,” avers Mr. Rajhans.

Following varieties of Meijer are available with the company:
· Lady Rosetta
· Lady Claire
· Lady Jo
· Lady Olympia
· Cycloon
· Lady Christle
· Melody
· CMK 1997-022-017
· CMK 1997-024-020
· Soprano

“The tubers are tested for various viruses during initiation. The company has 100% controlled and closed polyhouses to produce mini tubers under hygienic conditions which can prevent infestation of viruses via insect carrier,” avers Mr. Rajhans.

Target Customers
KF Bioplants’ net worth is Rs.40 crores. The company mainly targets farmers, people involved in agro business and to some extent people from other industries. “For domestic market we are supplying only hardened young plants and where as for export we are supplying ex-vitro and hardened plants. All the plants are transported by air at certain temperature to all our clients either in country or abroad. We also have refer vans for local deliveries,” says Mr. Rajhans.

He adds, “We export planting material to 27 different countries, mainly Holland, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Australia, Nepal, Pakistan and Japan. Out of total production, 65 per cent is for export and remaining 35 per cent is for domestic market.”

Further speaking about generating new buyers, Mr. Rajhans says, “On-line technical back up for 100 per cent success of project is our strength to generate new enquiries. As once our client get success he, himself promotes us to other clients from that area for new projects. We are carrying out different promotional activities like exhibitions, seminars and training programmes which help us to get new customers. Farmers interested in hi-tech farming contact us directly to understand the technology.”

Advantages of TC Plants
According to Mr. Rajhans, following are the advantages of tissue culture grown plants:
· True to type plants.
· Uniformity in growth and flowering.
· Higher yield and better quality.
· Pest and disease free plants.
· Crop success percentage is more.
· Round the year availability

Further speaking about the cost of cultivating tissue culture flowers and the profit earned, Mr. Rajhans says, “Generally the average price, which farmers are getting for their flower depends on type of flower and quality. Average price for gerbera, carnation and anthurium flower is Rs. 2.5, Rs. 3 and Rs. 11, respectively. Planting material cost varies according to crops and it’s growth stage. The cost of hardened plant of gerbera, carnation, anthurium, orchid and gypsophila is Rs. 30, Rs. 9, Rs. 65, Rs. 150 and Rs. 40, respectively.”

Government Support
The government also provides subsidies. “There are two types of subsidies, one from National Horticulture Board (NHB) and another from National Horticulture Mission (NHM). NHB gives 20 per cent of the total project cost considering land cost as a 10 per cent of the project cost. Whereas NHM gives subsidy on certain norms based on land holding and area of the polyhouse, which is comparatively less than subsidy from NHB,” informs Mr. Rajhans.

Kishore Rajhans
Vice President (Operations)
KF Bioplants Pvt. Ltd.
S. No. 178, Kirtane Baug, Mundhwa Road, Magarpatta,
Hadapsar, Pune – 411 036. India.
Tel.: +91-20-2687 2052, 2681 7035.
Fax: +91-20-2681 73
E-mail: info@kfbioplants.com
Web: www.kfbioplants.com [/hidepost]

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