Neem : Biopesticide an important agent in integrated pest management

Biopesticides are pesticides with living organism which intervene in life cycle of the insect pest and will kill it by causing diseases. Biopesticides are important in ecofriendly pest management.

Many synthetic insecticides used during the last 40 years in Agriculture, forestry & household do not fulfill the requirement for IPM. Application of synthetic pesticides in crop protection has not only contributed effective management of insect pests but also lead to development of resistance against that insecticides & contamination of ground water and food stuffs.
Neem, the versatile tree having many good and useful qualities is indigenous to India from where it has spread too many Asian & African countries.

Neem and its allelo chemicals have variety of effect on pests.140 active components have been identified to date that occur in different parts of tree. The most important component identified has been the tetratripernoids the azadiractin It has low risk of pest resistance due to different mode of action, specific effect on pests.

It specifically acts on Lepidopterons.

· Insect die due to starvation
· Deterrence of growth
· Egg sterility
·Interference in the process of Oviposition

· Ideal for IPM
· Neem oil can be used for seed treatment
· Neem cake can be used to control soil borne pest.

Simple domestic preparation
1.Collect Neem seeds
2.Dry them in shadow
3.Grind it
4.Then prepare aqueous extract by 5.dissolving 50g of grounded seed in 1 liter of water
6.Soak it overnight
7.Use that water for spraying to control pests

Abhilasha Gupta,
Project Fellow, Department of Biotechnology, MGM, Aurangabad (Under DBT Project)

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