Dr. Jain’s Forest Herbals

Company offers a wide range of formulation based herbal and Ayurvedic products. Headquartered in Mumbai.

Dr. Jain’s Forest Herbals Private Limited is headquartered in Mumbai. The company offers a wide range of formulation based herbal and Ayurvedic products. The range of products offered by the company includes hair care products, skin care products, health care products, aroma therapy products and essential oils. It also offers our clients with the medical consultancy service. Dr. Urjita Jain prescribes the use of natural remedies for health and beauty. She is an M.D. by qualification.

“The company is promoted by family members and most of them are doctors and engineers,” says Mr. Chetan Kumar Jain, director. “We offer Ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics, essential oils, gels and specialty natural products. Our products are purely herbal. We do not use chemicals,” he adds. The company also provides training in herbal science and technology. “We run short courses at Mumbai and diploma courses at College of Herbal Science and Technology, located north of Maharashtra,” informs Mr. Jain.

Product Portfolio
The company offers the following products:
Hair Care Products
The company provides the following herbal hair care products:
· Herbal Hair Gel: It is a gel made from the concentrated extract of fresh, natural jaswand flowers (shoe-flower) and other hair-care herbs sold under the brand name Jaswand Gel, which stimulates hair growth.

· Herbal Hair Oil: The herbal hair oil is sold under the brand name Heroma Hair Oil. It contains Til (sesame Oil) as base, aromatherapy oils like geranium, rosemary and motia rosha, nutrients like almond wheatgerm oil and aloe vera.

· Keshika (Hair Wash Powder): It is a natural hair wash, used as an alternative to shampoo or soap. It is made with shikekai, ritha, k. sugandhi and santra chhal.
· Tridof (Dandruff Powder): It cleanses scalp and washes away dead skin.
· New Crop (Hair Growth): Herbs like jaswand, brahmi, kulinjan, jatamansi prevents hair fall, encouraging growth of new hair.

· Greynil (Grey Hair): It is a natural treatment for gray hair, made from natural herbs henna, mehendi, indigo & sofia.
· Lycejin (Lice Remover): It is made from neem, tulsi and langali, which work to eradicate lice.
· Aloe Vera Gel: The company offers aloe vera gel for dry hair, which retains the natural sheen and shine of the hair.

· Donacare (Herbal Hair Gel): It is made from herbs and aromatherapy oils.
· Jaswand Kesh Tel: This is a perfumed hair oil containing natural hair growth promoting herbs for regular use.

Skin Care
The company provides herbal skin care products that are natural and free from side-effects, as the following:
· Lepack (O & D): These are face packs for oily and dry skin. Lepack O with neem and multani mitti is for oily skin. Lepack D with gulab and chandan gives dry skin a smooth healthy glow.

· Tejas: It is made from ashwagandha, chandan and haldi, recommended for rough and dull skin.
· Faircom (Fair – Complexion): It is made from herbs like gulab, neem, papaya and cucumber, which makes skin fairer.
· Satej (Spots & Blemishes): Made from aloes, amba haldi and gulab, it helps remove spots and blemishes

· Pimplor (Pimples): Arjun, papaya, jamun, lal chandan, manjishta are a few of the herbs that cleanses skin by removing germs.

· Cucumber Gel (Face-care): It is useful in skin eruption, eczema and freckles.
· Aloe Vera Gel (100/500 gm): This is a new transparent formula of aloe vera gel especially made for beauticians/large family users. It is useful as a moisturiser, hair conditioner & for skin care.

· Komal (Baby Massage Oil): Komal contains lavender, almond, wheat gram and jojoba.
Health Care
The company provides herbal health-care products in the form of juices and powders, as follows:
· Aloe Vera Juice (For Good Health): This is a 100% pure leaf juice. It helps in digestion, stomach complaints, building immunity and expel toxins from tissues.
· Clinteeth (Tooth Powder): It is made from pure herbs like babool, triphala, bakul, peelu, specially formulated for fast relief from dental problems like painful bleeding gums.
· Deetox: The company offers detox for the purification of blood made from ingredients like neem, aloe vera, brahmi and amba haldi.

Aromatic Essential Oils
The company offers aromatic essential oils that softens the skin and also moisturises it. These are manufactured by M/s Samed Agro Service. The company offers the following essential oils: · Lavender Oil

· Almond Oil · Teatree Oil · Motia Rosha Oil · Rosemary Oil · Jasmine Oil
When asked about the company’s target customers, Mr. Jain maintains, “Housewives, doctors, beauticians, paramedical personnel and aroma therapists are our target customers. We export to Japan, Korea, Europe and soon we are also planning to supply to Australia and New Zealand.” Exports comprise approximately 25% of the total turnover. The products that are in maximum demand are jaswand gel, aloe vera gel, hair care, skin care and aromatherapy oils.

Ayurvedic manufacturers and medical fraternity usually buy our products. Recently we introduced new products based on aloe vera, almond and sesame oil and also a novel instant herbal tea (in process). The company markets its products in Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and soon will also supply in Chennai and Bangalore. “Our products are available under the brand names Dr. Urjita Jain’s Herbal Products, Samed Agro Services Pvt. Ltd., and Chaitanyavan, College of Herbal Science & Technology,” says Mr. Jain.

Source of Ingredients
Dr. Jain’s Forest Herbals sources the ingredients from all over India. “We also cultivate some herbs on our own farms which houses one of the best herbal gardens with rare trees including special projects like nakshtravan and kevaldnyan vrukshsthali (only ones in India). We do not yet have contract farming arrangement,” avers Mr. Jain. When asked if any independent organization has tested and certified the products, Mr. Jain maintains, “We follow FDA guidelines and our own quality assurance systems in our modern laboratory.”

Speaking about domestic competition, he says, “There are no competitors worth comparing since we are not aware that they manufacture the quality product that we do from natural ingredients. We claim on comparative studies, Dr. Urjita Jain’s 30 years clinical practice and the results obtained by using our herbal product range. Comparatively our products have shown results without side effects and at lesser cost.” Comparing herbal cosmetic products with chemical cosmetic products abroad, Mr. Jain says, “We manufacture all medicines, cosmetics and food products under license from Food & Drug Administration. Our products in many respects are superior in quality since they are natural and manufactured under controlled hygienic conditions. However, improvement is possible in packaging materials.” The company employs 50 persons in direct employment. “We have more than 5000 people related to our business,” says Mr. Jain.

When asked about the size of the market in India for herbal cosmetic products, Mr. Jain says, “In our opinion the size of the market is comparable to the pharmaceutical industry. There are number of players in the field, many of them in the small scale and cottage sector with varying degree of quality parameters.” Speaking about the obstacles faced by the company in expanding its market share, Mr. Jain says, “We are constantly faced with raw material constraints, limited publicity and limited awareness of traditional Indian systems. We are also facing some quality constraints.”

Future Plans
The company has major future plans for expansion. “We want to expand our natural products range, develop natural colors, increase food range and expand education, and training in herbal science and technology,” maintains Mr. Jain.

Mr. Chetan Kumar Jain, Director.
Dr. Jain’s Forest Herbals Private Limited
A10, Raj Industrial Complex, Military Road, Marol, Andheri (East)
Mumbai – 400 059, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +(91)-(22)-29201697 / 29202353 / 29203118 Fax: +(91)-(22)-29201441
Email: instituteofherbalscience @indiatimes.com

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