Ibex Gallagher

Located at Bangalore. The main activity of the company is solar power fencing and perimeter fencing.

V.S. Nagaraj

V.S. Nagaraj

Ibex Gallagher Pvt Ltd is a 24 years old company. The main activity of the company is solar power fencing and perimeter fencing. Mr. Vishnu Narain is the managing director of the firm. “Mr. Narain worked on this concept of creating a psychological barrier through fence energizer with pulsating current to protect field crops for farmers from animal intrusion. He started in low key operation two decades ago. He is a postgraduate in agriculture with keen interest in concerning nature and wild life. He has been very successful in the concept of power fence in bringing down man animal concept,” says Mr. V.S. Nagaraj, general manager, Ibex Gallagher. The company is located in Bangalore.

Active Divisions
The company has 3 active divisions namely agriculture division, security division and export division. Agriculture division is for farm fencing; security division providing integrated security solution to industrial and defense application etc. along with perimeter fencing and through the export division the company exports several components to its principal collaboration company Gallagher Group, Hamilton.

Ibex has catered to a client base of 15,000 clients throughout the country. “We have offered total animal control solutions to many clients, such as Renewable Energy Department in Uttarankhand Tribal Welfare Department, agriculture universities and corporate clients such as Sygenta, Monsanto, Rallies India and EID Parry. Their main problem was heavy crop damage through animal intrusion wild and feral species,” avers Mr. Nagaraj.

When asked about the safety of the system to intruders, Mr. Nagaraj says, “Our system is absolutely safe as it is manufactured in accordance with national and international safety standards. It offers a brief shock of 3 mili seconds at a pulse interval of every 1.2 seconds which is a memorable jolt but very safe and non-fatal. Our system is eco-friendly and effective.”

Import of Components
The company does not manufacture the product on its own but imports them. “Certain grades of energizers / controllers are assembled in here with the imported components. The other special grades of controllers/energizers are directly imported,” explains Mr. Nagaraj. “We have facilities for offering after sales services. We have a dedicated team of regional manager, sales executives, distributors and dealers throughout the country. This is giving us the advantage of good spread in all the states and potential districts within the country. Enquiries are generated and handled locally. We record maximum business from Southern and Northern states of India,” he adds.

Quality Certifications
When asked about the quality certifications, Mr. Nagaraj maintains, “We attach utmost importance to quality. Our product carries DGS and D quality assurance certification besides this regularly CPRI tests are conducted for safety and threshold output limits of voltage to certify safety parameters. On specific request from government clients SGS certificate is also carried out on technical and qualitative parameters of system installed. We have basically ISO certification for manufacture, design, supply and installation of power fence™ systems. Above all, our products also confirm to national & international standards such as BIS and IE standards.”

[hidepost] Products Advantages
Pointing out the product advantages when compared to competition, Mr. Nagaraj says, “Our systems are designed to offer effective solutions. Qualitative design, installation and service play a major role in retaining our leadership. This edge has provided a big advantage over our competitors.”

Cost of Fencing
Speaking about the cost of solar fence, Mr. Nagaraj points out that the fence is designed keeping in view the target species of animals to be controlled and site conditions. “We have distance specific and animal specific energizer. Broadly 1KM of fencing with all our galvanized posts, T angles and high quality insulators will be in the range of Rs.2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs. Although 1 acre is 260Mt, the base unit contributes to more then 35% of cost. It could be in range of 1.4 to 1.5 lakhs,” he says.

He further maintains that the system is very reliable and lasts for more than 10 years since heavily galvanized posts and high quality insulators are used. “We have number of functional fences for more than 15 years. Normally 3 hours of sunlight will charge the battery and the system can run for 72 hours. By installing this system farmer can prevent crop losses due to animal intrusion which is estimated to be around 25 to 30%. Thus he can record yields on commercial cropping and increase his profitability. As our fence is active fence it builds a psychological pressure on intruding animals. Animals will not negotiate though fence once the shock is delivered to them where as all other barriers are passive barriers and can cause injuries,” adds Mr. Nagaraj.

In terms of maintenance, the farmers need to take care of three aspects: the fence line should be clear of vegetation, which will ensure good voltage and shockability. The Solar panel needs to be cleaned once in 15 days to allow good passage of light. The third being the battery needs to be checked once in a month regularly.

The equipment carries warranty for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. During this period the company also ensures that its distributor/ dealers visit the clients and collect their feedback on proper functionality of the fence.

Annual Turnover
The annual turnover of the agriculture division of the company in the last financial year was Rs. 8 crores. Speaking about the obstacles faced by the company in expanding its business Mr. Nagaraj says, “In many parts of the country the concept is yet to develop. Farmers need to be educated. Our efforts have been always towards imparting knowledge and brand building.” Mr. Nagaraj is a graduate in agriculture with in house management training and vast marketing experience in reputed companies such as EID Parry Netafim and Voltas. “I have been associated with Ibex for the last 9 years trying my best to provide focused effort on marketing by virtue of my all round agriculture input marketing experience,” he says.

At the end, speaking about the tools used by the company in popularizing the product among the farmer community, Mr. Nagaraj says, “Imparting knowledge through training programmes and making the technology available to the farm community throughout the country is our primary motive. We earnestly wish to continue our contribution towards conserving nature and wildlife through constant service to farmer community.”

Our Correspondent

  • Manoj Chadha

    I need to buy the following for the Solar Electric Fence that I am erecting (DIY) at my Orchard in Shimla. I need this to stop monkeys entering and ruining my apples during the apple season.
    1. Reel Insulators, UV treated
    2. 37 Watt 12 V Solar PV Panel
    3. Solar Panel
    4. Solar Panel pipe
    5. 7500 mtrs Tata High Tensile 2.5 – 2.59mm Zinc Coated 12 Guage wire
    6. End Strain Insulators, UV treated.
    7. Wire tighteners, galvanized
    8. Solar Energizer 3.2 or 3.5 Joule, having international safety certification – EN-60335-2-76 that has been adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards vide their standard IS-302-2-76.
    9. Lightning Diverter Kit – 1 no
    10. Digital Volt Meter 1 No
    11. Double Insulated Cable – 50 mtrs
    12 Console Box – 1 no
    13 Battery Box for a 100 Ah Battery
    14.Joint Clamps, made of good material, galvanized and zinc coated.
    15 Wire Tightening Tool
    16 Earthing rods made of galvanized steel. 8 mm thick, 6 feet long with clamps.- 3 nos
    17 Warning Sign Boards
    19 Tool Kit
    Or if the cost works out economical, and within my budget, you could do the entire thing for me. In that case the distance between the poles should be 3 meters and the height has to be 2 meters above the ground. The number of wires / lines / strands will be 14. I need to get this done immediately. Hence please call me back on 09816403900.
    Also please send me a quotation for each of the above items on per piece and per meter.

    Manoj Chadha