Ratanjot Green Fuels

ISO certified company specializing in the field plantation of stevia, aloe vera and other herbs.

Ratanjot Green Fuels Pvt. Ltd., is working in the field of bio-diesel / bio-diesel energy. The company is backed by a group of investors who own an agricultural group in north India. The group is vertically integrated in the biodiesel value chain owning and operating vegetable at plantation oil extraction mills and refinery facilities.

Ratanjot is headquartered in Sonepat, Haryana. The company was founded by Mr. Parveen Rohilla and Mr. Vikas Dahiya. Mr. Rohilla and Mr. Dahiya have done extensive research and gained experience in the field of planting stevia rebaudiana bertoni and jatropha curcas as well as bio-diesel production. They have travelled widely to gain more knowledge. “They are contributing most of their time in research about land programme/ training/ seminars on environment as well as energy management. They are leading this project based on Kyoto protocols/ CDM mechanism,” says Mr. K P Singh, business manager. “The objective behind setting up the company was to produce biodiesel, to use waste land in India, to provide employment, to make India independent from imported crude diesel, to earn biodiesel carbon credits and to save environment,” he adds. Mr. Singh is an engineering graduate with PG in management.

The directors of the company are, Mr. P K Rohilla and Mr. Lalit Rohilla. “We have done deep research and have gained tremendous experience in the field of planting stevia rebaudiana bertoni and aloe vera as well as production of stevia green powder and aloe vera products (aloe juice, gel, shampoo etc.),” says Mr. Singh.

Product Portfolio
The main products the company specializes in are aloe vera products and stevia products. Ratanjot’s product range includes the following:
· Aloe Vera Juice – A direct aloe fillet grating juice to keep body cool, to improve immunity and as a nutritional supplement.

· Aloe Vera Gel – 100% pure aloe gel for oral consumption with different flavors to improve immunity, cure and prevent intestinal ailments and as a nutritional supplement.
· Aloe Vera Shampoo – Aloe vera shampoo is used for hair care which maintains the natural moisture of hair and prevents the hair to fall.

· Stevia Plants – Stevia plant belongs to the composiate (Sunflower family of Plants. Stevia plantation may be done on a variety of soil types ranging from course textured sands to well drained loams but not on clay or poorly drained sites.

· Stevia Dried Leaves – It is a natural non-synthetic, non-toxic, non-caloric sweetner that can be used in the place o sugar in cooking.

· Stevia Extract – Stevia Extract is an extract of stevia rebaudiana. Stevioside is 250 times sweeter than table sugar. Stevia extract has been shown to promote healthy blood sugar levels.

· Stevia Powder – Ratanjot supplies stevia powder – rich in active and beneficial phytochemicals that occur naturally in this plant. This plant has been milled into a fine powder which is suitable to stuff into capsules or to prepare teas, tinctures or extracts. Ratanjot’s stevia is wild-harvested without any pesticides or fertilizers. It improves taste and flavor of foods, as well as drinks, helps control blood sugar balance, aid weight loss and leaves no bitter aftertaste.

[hidepost] Consultancy Services
The company also provides consultancy for stevia/aloe vera. The components in Rantanjot’s turnkey consultancy services include all about cultivation, irrigation, harvesting and drying of stevia for its associated farmers. The company’s current stevia project is located in Haryana with an investment of around Rs.3 lakhs.

Economics of Stevia Cultivation
When asked about the economics of setting up a stevia project, Mr. Singh says, “For our customer it will be around Rs. 3 lakhs. This estimate is for farmers growing stevia and not for entrepreneurs processing stevia.”

When asked from where the company sources aloe vera and stevia, Mr. Singh maintains “We are having our corporation from ground to top.”

In terms of infrastructure, the company has a processing unit of stevia powder in Haryana. However, Ratanjot does not have any production plant of aloe vera and sources it from other manufacturers. The company markets its products of stevia on its own.

The company has a professional team looking after production, marketing, trading, risk management, finance and organisational management functions. When asked how big is the market for aloe vera in India, Mr. Singh avers, “The market huge spread all over India”.

Jatropha Cultivation
The organization is involved in promoting jatropha cultivation and bio diesel processing in India by encouraging the farmers to grow jatropha. The company is most active in north India. Mr. Singh maintains that jatropha growing and bio diesel processing is a commercially attractive business opportunity for growers and entrepreneurs in India. He says, “If we grow more jatropha, we can get biodiesel in low rates and also good quality fuel would available which would be pollution free. Moreover it would be domestically produced.” When asked about the economics of one acre jatropha cultivation, Mr. Singh says, “The cost of cultivation depends upon availability of plants.” Adding, “The cost would be proportionate to the cost of plants. It also depends upon the area or region where jatropha is being cultivated. One acre of land would require 1800 plants. The grower can expect good returns after three years.”

The company itself has not yet started processing of oil as it has not yet set up any extraction unit. Ratanjot is a small organization with around 19 people working in the organization.

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