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Thread: Krishi Mela in Bangalore

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    Default Krishi Mela in Bangalore: 16-Nov to 19-Nov

    November 16, 2007

    A Krishi Mela has been organized in Bangalore from 16-Nov to 19-Nov at the Krishi Maidan, GKVK Campus, Bangalore. Over 400 stalls and demonstration plots can be seen here. Buses have been arranged to ferry visitors from the campus entrance and through the campus.

    New varieties of crops, machinery in crop production and post-harvest processing (some especially designed for women self-help groups) will be on display. “Value added jackfruit” finds a special place in the food stalls this time with a host of products ranging from halwa to finger chips, beverages to chapatti and pakora, all made entirely from jackfruit. And you will not miss the conspicuous emu at the animal stall.

    Techniques in dryland farming, water management, new practices in horticulture (including low-cost polyhouses) and medicinal plant cultivation will be demonstrated.

    The Krishimela will be inaugurated by Governor Rameshwar Thakur at noon on Friday.
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