ARDC/INF-401/13 07/08/2013

To, All Friends/NRIs.

Sub-: Invitation to join with Agro-Tourism setting up in Kerala.

We have pleasure to inform you that we are going to set up an Agro–Tourism in Koviloor under Vattavada Panchayat near Munnar and all other suitable areas of Kerala. The main concept is –Agro-Tourism to encourage more farmers, land owners and investors to extend their cooperation to expand the activities of this project to all over Kerala with an aim to increase the production of agriculture and milk to meet the day to day requirements and export the surplus products, as well as to attract more tourist to these types of farms.Agro tourism is an innovative agricultural activity related to tourism and agriculture both. It has a great capacity to create additional source of income and employment opportunities to the farmers. Maharashtra is one of the major tourist centers in the India and there is large scope and great potential to develop agro tourism. The hypothesis of the study is the agro tourism is an additional coactivity for the farmers. It provides additional income source and employment opportunity to the farmers and rural peoples. It gives new look for the agribusiness.

The shrinking acreage under paddy cultivation, in the State and the staggering dependence on imported milk, vegetables and other food items have put Kerala at the bottom of the list of states on the basis of food security. From a time of near self-sufficiency in food production, Kerala now depends entirely on neighboring states for its food needs. This project is under a joint venture for Agriculture research and development with Fig Est, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and collaboration with National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management,(b)National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development(NABARD)and(c)Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture. We have already started similar projects in Dindigul in Tamilnadu, with the cooperation of more than 300 farmers and land owners to increase various agro products as an experiment which leads to a grant success. But these productions are not going to help our states requirements, so it is necessary to set up this project in Kerala.

Hence we would like to invite all farmers, land owners and investors to join with this project to develop and increase the production of milk and agriculture under agro-tourism. For more details please mail us or contact to Mr. Sijish Nambiar, C E O- Mob-:+91- 9003828077, Mr. P.A.Vasudevan-+91-9003190357, Mr.FahadhalQahatany&SyedAlavi,-80/EE-Street,Bawadhi,Jeddah-SaudiArabia-0966+562111611/592881264.


Sijish Nambiar C E O