1. Vegetable washing equipment chain adjustment: Chain adjustment is carried out after the motor stops. The chain is pressed by fingers in the middle of the two sprocket wheels. The compression is generally between 4 and 9 mm. It is a standard value. When it exceeds the standard value, it is adjusted. Idler to the specified tightness.

2, stepless speed change replacement: stepless gearbox oil check and refueling and replacement, the first is to stop the motor, the smoke plug is strictly prohibited to remove the oil plug, the oil just out of the appropriate amount, when insufficient, add.

3. Vegetable washing equipment belt adjustment: After the motor stops, in the middle of the two pulleys, the compression of the belt (middle finger and index finger) is 7 to 12 mm as the standard value. When it is greater than the standard value, adjust the idler to the specified tightness.

4, long-term preservation: When you want to save for a long time without using it, you can rinse all the parts of the soil, such as dirt, and all the rotating parts and the attached objects such as belts and chains must be completely Remove and rotate the rotating parts and the active part to prevent oil from appearing.