In the process of plastic processing, extrusion molding is also called extrusion molding, and in the processing of non-rubber extruder, the pressure of the hydraulic machine is used to extrude the extrusion of the mold itself. Extrusion molding of plastic extruder means that the material passes through the action between the barrel of the extruder and the screw, is heated by the plastic, is pushed forward by the screw, and continuously passes through the machine head to make a variety of cross-section products or semi-products. Processing methods.

First, the extrusion process of plastic extruder:

The material enters the barrel from the hopper, and is conveyed forward to the feeding section through the frictional shearing action of the inner wall of the cylinder and the surface of the screw under the action of the screw rotation, where the loose solid is conveyed forward and compacted at the same time; in the compression section, the groove depth Lightening, further compaction, simultaneous heating outside the barrel and frictional shearing action between the screw and the inner wall of the barrel, the temperature rise begins to melt, the compression section ends; the homogenization section makes the material uniform, constant temperature, quantitative, constant pressure extrusion The melt is formed after the machine head and is shaped to obtain a product.

Second, the extrusion method

According to plasticization method: dry extrusion and wet extrusion
Pressurized: continuous extrusion and intermittent extrusion

Third, the characteristics:

Continuous production, high efficiency, simple operation and wide application range