A charcoal briquette machine is a machine that pulverizes into a pellet of 10 mm by a wood chip crusher, which is dried by a dryer and then placed in a carbonization furnace for carbonization. The charcoal briquetting machine produces charcoal with high density, small volume and good flammability, which can replace fuelwood and coal. This product is especially suitable for heating and heating in the autumn and winter in the northern region, warming the greenhouse or making ordinary living fuel.

The complete equipment of charcoal briquette machine consists of charcoal making machine, carbonization furnace and dryer. The principle of the charcoal briquette machine is simple and easy to understand. It contains branches, straw, straw, peanut shells, trunks, cotton straw, tea seed husks, husks, weeds, leaves and other biomass that can produce charcoal. The raw material of the fiber is filled, and the powder is pulverized into a powder of 10 mm by a pulverizer, and dried by a dryer to have a moisture content of less than 12%, which is formed into a charcoal machine by high temperature and high pressure (without adding any additives). After being placed in a carbonization furnace for carbonization, it becomes a finished mechanism of charcoal. It is also possible to carbonize the material powder directly into a carbon powder using a continuous carbonization furnace at a high temperature.
Experiments have shown that the temperature of the charcoal briquette equipmentdepends on the drying and carbonization rate of the raw materials, and the calorific value of the charcoal increases with the carbonization time of the charcoal. If the carbonization temperature is 300 degrees, the mechanical strength is large, and if the temperature is 400, the mechanical strength is small, and if the carbonization temperature is further increased, the mechanical strength is also increased.
Coconut shell charcoal briquetting machines have strict requirements on the production of raw materials, such as the moisture content of raw materials and the control of ash content. Energy-saving charcoal briquetting machines can choose bamboo, rice husk, sawdust, branches, peanut shells, coconut shells, agricultural waste. Etc., the mechanism of the mechanism charcoal is: first, the raw materials are pulverized, and the pulverized raw materials are dried into the dryer to dry the water within 12%, and the dried raw materials are then put into the charcoal making machine to be made into a salary bar by high temperature and high pressure, and then The salary bar is carbonized in a carbonization furnace to obtain a finished mechanism charcoal.
It should be noted that the moisture must be controlled within 6% to 12%. In this process, the drying equipment should be used to dehydrate and dry the raw materials in order to quickly and controllably process the raw materials. Then why should we control the water content of the raw materials? If the moisture content is <6%, the raw material conversion and viscosity are poor, the rod is not strong; if the water content is >12%, the rod is soft and easy to bend and cracks easily, and the density is small. In the raw material monitoring, the customer can use the palm of the hand to carry out the drying of the raw materials after the smashing and then can spread the non-blocking phenomenon after being thrown. In the production process of charcoal briquette machine, customers should try to avoid secondary pollution of raw materials to prevent too many impurities in the raw materials containing ash powder, so as to avoid the excessive influence of the mechanism carbon ash.
As long as the raw materials are selected correctly, the charcoal briquette machine is very stable in operation, which will greatly shorten the product cycle, improve product quality, and work in a very good state.
In order to ensure the better operation of the coconut shell charcoal briquette machine, we must first start with the raw materials, master the temperature, moisture content and ash content of the raw materials, which is also one of the main factors to improve the quality of the mechanism charcoal. Users are skilled in mastering and using. Of course, in actual operation, it is also required to correctly use the operating procedures therein.
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