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Thread: Pearl Culture, Grading, Processing Technology, Guidelines and Policy info in CD

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    Pearl Culture, Grading, Processing Technology, Guidelines and Policy info in CD

    Project at a Glance.

    Pearls have been a source of fascination for centuries. They have been considered the most magical and feminine of all gems and are the only one created by a living organism. Pearls emanate a certain warmth and glow not found in other gems, due to their unique beginnings.
    Pearls, one of the highly esteemed gems, are very valuable due to the high demand and prices for them. Several countries bordering the Indian and Pacific Oceans and some countries along the Eastern Atlantic Ocean have pearl oyster resources.
    Many of the countries, particularly those in Asia, are very much interested in pearl oyster farming and pearl culture. Japan stands foremost in the two fields having developed technologies and innovations in the field.
    India has one of the highest demand for pearls for setting in jewelry, and is particularly famous for its pearl oyster resources which yield superb pearls. The pearl oyster fisheries are located in two main areas: 1) in the Gulf of Mannar off Tuticorin coast and 2) in the Gulf of Kutch on the northwest coast of the country.
    The principal causative factor in pearl formation in a pearl oyster is the presence of a nucleus. It can be of organic or inorganic origin, such as parasites adults or larvae, molluscan eggs, decaying parts of plants, sand grains, epithelium or blood cells of the same animal, etc. These tiny particles or organisms enter the oyster when the shell valves are open for feeding and respiration.
    Cultured pearls are broadly classified into: nacreous layer pearls, prismatic layer pearls, and organic layer pearls. Different molluscs produce pearls of different colours. The colour of a pearl is usually similar to the colour of the shell nacre of the mollusc which produces it; this character is genetically controlled.
    Pearl farming in general tends to be a long-term venture with large capital outlay before profits are realized. Spat collection is one facet of pearl farming that can provide fast profits to a farmer with limited capital outlay. In many parts of French Polynesia, people operate spat collection lines and sell the oysters directly to the pearl farmers who take care of the grafting and oyster husbandry.
    The United States freshwater pearl industry is adding to the world’s natural pearl market. About 9 to 11 pounds of natural pearls are discovered for every 2,000 tons of freshwater mussel shells harvested to be used as nuclei in the cultured pearl market. The pearls are usually small, but a Tennessee fishery found a 16 mm white cultured pearl in recent years.

    Contents on the CD Rom

    About Pearl.
    About Pearls.
    Natural Pearl.
    Types of Pearls.
    Cultured Pearl.
    Pearl Oysters.
    Freshwater Pearls VS. Seawater Pearls.
    Black Pearl.
    Farming the Sea.
    Asian Unionaceans.
    City of Pearls.
    Dyed or Irradiated Cultured Pearls.
    Famous Pearls.
    Keshi Pearls.
    Mabe Pearls.
    Australian Pearls.
    Pearl Diving.
    Servants of Pearl.
    Thin Skinned.
    Pearl Knotting.
    Passion For Pearls.

    Pearl Grading.
    Pearl Grading Nomenclature.
    South Sea Pearl Grading.
    A-AAAA Pearls Grading System.
    A-D Pearl Grading System.

    Basic Methods of Pearl Farming.
    History Of Cultured Pearls.
    Collecting Black-lip Pearl.
    Oyster Spat.
    Black-lip Pearl Oyster.
    Pearl Oyster Farming and Pearl Culture.
    Grow-Out of Black-Lip Pearl Oyster.
    Trial Farming Akoya Pearl Oyster.
    Pearl Cultivation.
    Akoya Pearl Formation-Video File.
    Seeding Operations.
    Pearl Farming in USA.
    Culture of Juvenile Margaritifera margaritifera.
    Holding and Drilling Pearls.
    Pearl Case Study.
    Freshwater Pearl Culture and Production in China.

    Pearl Culture Technology.
    Freshwater Farming Techniques.
    Jewels in Crown.
    Jewel of Sea Cultivated with Scrupulous Care.
    Australian Pearling Industry.
    Pearl Farming Takes Off in Western Pacific.
    Pearl Powder Use.
    Medicinal Uses.

    United State Patent.
    Pearl Oyster Cultivation Methods.
    Combined Pearl and Gem Jewelry.
    Process for Obtaining Crystallized Pearls.

    Equipment and Raw Material Suppliers.
    Peal Drilling Machine Supplier.
    Pearl Holding Machine Supplier.
    Jewellery Tools Supplier.
    Jewelry Tools / Pliers / Tweezers / Anvil / Hammers Supplier.
    Lacy West Jewellery Tools and Supplies.
    Pearl Holing Drill Machine.
    Heavy Duty Pliers Suppliers.
    Soft Flex Company.
    Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers.
    Ether Suppliers.

    Guidelines and Policy.
    Pearls Guide.
    Pearl Oyster Fishery.
    Pearl Oyster Culture Management Plan.
    Guidelines on Selling Pearls.
    Technical Guidance on Pearl Hatchery Development.
    Guide For Indian Business.
    Jewelry Insurance.
    Select Pearls Privacy.
    Starting Own Freshwater Pearl Farm.

    Pearl Farming Status Report
    Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture
    Atlas Pacific Annual Report
    Annual Status Report for East Coast Pearl Fishery
    Pearl Farming Around The World.
    Pearl Oyster Managed Fishery.
    Status Report.
    Aquaculture Research.

    Pearl Processing.
    Fresh Water Pearl Culturing.
    Marine Pearl Culturing.
    Development of Black-Lip Pearl.
    Oyster Farming in Micronesia.
    Economics of Freshwater Pearl Culture.
    Pearl Oyster Resource Development in Western Pacific.
    Pearling Project.
    Cost-Benefit Analysis to Assist Black Pearl Industry.
    Pohnpei Pearl Project.

    Benjamin Keith Diggles.
    Black Pearls,Inc.
    Aquaculture/Marine Biology Consultancies.
    Aldemaro Romero.

    Global Market.
    Scanning Pearl World.
    Pearls in Pacific.
    Pearl Culture in Bangladesh.
    Australian Pearl Exports.
    Marketing of Pearls.
    Freshwater Pearl Production in the United States.
    Today's Natural Pearl Market.
    Cultured Pearl Market Update.
    Future of Pearl Cultivation.

    Manufacturers and Suppliers
    Artificial Pearl Manufacturers & Suppliers.
    Pearl Jewelry Suppliers in China.
    Pearl Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.
    Mabe Pearl Manufacturers and Exporters.
    Natural Pearl Manufacturers.
    Manufacturer & Supplier of Natural Pearl.
    Pearl Jewelry Manufacturers and Suppliers.
    Pearl Suppliers.

    Company Profiles
    AZ Pearl Jewelry Industry.
    Blue Pearls.
    D&M Pearl Company.
    Grand Pearl Jewelry.
    Kingstar Trading.
    Fulchand Sarkar.
    Atlas South Sea Pearl.
    Paspaley Pearls.
    American Pearl.

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