Green House Farming Info in CD

Information Profile at a Glance
Green House growing is an intensive form of Agriculture.Green Houses can provide an excellent controlled environment for plant production.Adding heat to a Green house can protect plants from freezing, speed germination, and accelerate seedling growth.Commercial Green House is a factory, one in which the product is perishable at all stages of the production process. Green House Plastic Kit is unique in its design offering portability and optimum growing space. British Columbia's green house industry comprises of green house vegetable growers, floriculturalists & nursery growers. Green Houses are now able to use non-toxic, biological pest control methods, eliminating the need for pesticides. Green Houses are using Hydroponics and Cutting -Edge Computer Technology to improve production. Hydroponics is simply growing plants without soil.

Content Headlines of CD ROM
Assessing Green Houses
Green House Business
Green House Kits
Installing Green House
Locating Green House
Growth in Green House
Commercial Green House
Portable Green House
Green House Engineering
Global Warming

Green House & Effects
Green House Gas
Gas Emissions
Green House Gas Trading
Green House Effect
Reducing Green House Effect
Green House Temperature
Energy Management
Mist Propagation System

Research & Survey
Research Centre
Articles & Information
Crop Research Centre
Hydroponics Consulting Service

Agriculture & Farm Details
Cultivation Concepts
Garden Styles
Soex Flora
Technology - Farm
Small Farm
Green House Growers
Columbia's Agriculture
Tree Nursery
Vegetable Production
Green House Supplies
Green House Plan
Solar Green House
Green House Heater
Heating Checklist
Hydroponics Tomatoes
Nutrient Analysis - Hydroponics Method

Industry Profiles
Texas - Green House Company
Indian Green House Industry.

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