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Thread: comprehensive project report on palmarosa.

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    Default comprehensive project report on palmarosa.

    Sub:-Request for technical assistance in preparing a comprehensive project report for establishing palmarosa plantation in an undeveloped fallow roadside 50 acre plot owned exclusively by me in Andhrapradesh—Regarding.

    Kindly help me in preparing a comprehensive project report which would include the following aspects.
    1) PVC double pipeline of 7” dia for a distance of 1200 meters from river to my roadside 50 acre plot ---400 nos pipes of 7” dia approx.
    2) JCB charges + 2 oil engines/2 electric motors& pumpsets of 10 Hp each
    3) Rain guns and micro irrigation equipment
    4) Fencing for 50 acres
    5) Stainless storage tanks for storing 1000 litres of palmarosa oil
    6) Inter cultivation and harvesting implements so as to reduce cost on manual labour.
    7) Land leveling + Bunding for 50 acres
    8) Cultivation expenses ; manuring/labour cost/watering/cutting and conveying to the distillation plant at a distance of 1km from the plot.
    9) Massey fergusson tractor with all implements and trailor

    1)Steam distillation plant—for distillation of 1.5---2.0 acres of palmarosa grass /day
    4 stainless steel stills of 1 tonne capacity each, to run 2 stills at a time, Steam boiler with sufficient rating ,multi stage 3 HP motor ,2 S.S. condensers , oil collectors ,Shed , chain pully loading /unloading system etc.,
    2)briquetting plant using spent grass
    3) Cattle feed cutting machine using spent grass
    4)Dairy farm –20 cows
    5)Bio-gas plant using cow dung
    6) Bio manure plant using agricultural waste/refuse

    I would be grateful if you can provide me assistance in preparing a project report taking into consideration the present labour cost , cost of machinery etc., and also guide me with respect to financing of the project through any nationalized bank in Andhrapradesh.

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    Please clarify if there is a good demand for Palmorosa oil? Provide your contact to discuss further,please

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    Dear Sirs,
    We wish to sate that we are one of the Cultivators ,Distillers ,Domatic supplier and Exporters various essential oils since 1990 .Currently we are interested in purchase of Palmarosa oil,Citronella oil, Citridora oil, Lemon Grass oil, Sofia oil, Ocimum Sanctum oil, and Davana oil .
    Pl inform your current stock and best rate of each items.
    Currently we are having good germinate Palmarosa seed (Cymbopogon martini)-Variety : PRC -1 in bulk .Pl confirm your needs
    Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all time.

    Awaiting your response.

    With regards.
    ************************************************** ***********************************
    M/s, Citro Essential Oils Distillery Industry,
    Erankuttai, Vellithiruppur – P.O, Bhavani – T.K,
    Erode – D.T,T.N – 638 314, India .
    PH : 91- 4256-253412, 253413 # MOBILE : 91 – 98427 53412
    FAX: 91-4256-253254 # 91-424-252181
    Website: CITRO

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