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  • agri import and export

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  • Buying land in the hills in India

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    Require land in Kolli Hills
  • NONI fruit Plant Cultivation

    Most of the farmers/growers don't know what is NONI fruit plant & its cultivation. If you are holding more than 5 acres of land, we will give you supoort of Organic Farming of NONI Plant with BUY-BACK arrangement.

    Uses of NONI Fruit:-

    Rejuvenates the Body

    Revitalises the Cells

    Restores Energy

    Relieves Pain

    Reduces Inflammation

    Releases Stress

    Purifies Blood

    Stimulates Immune System

    Improves Digestion

    Enhances well being

    Regulates Cell function

    Maintains healthy Skin, Hair and Scalp

    An Effective Anti-Oxidant

    Protects you from Toxins and pollutants

    Reduces the risk of developing cancer


    Improves the memory and concentration

    Inhibits tumour growth

    Reduces chances of Premature on set of age-

    related dis-eases such as Arthritis, Heart disease,

    Diabetes or Strokes.

    Protects against Viral and bacterial strain that

    have become anti-biotic resistant.

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    Noni Cultivation
  • Decorate gardens

    New ideas for decorateyour gardens.

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    Pot & garden irrigation
  • Dairy Farming

    A to Z of Dairy Farming

    Sha Dairy Research Labs

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    Starting new dairy unit
  • Kisan Club

    Kisan Club is an organisation of Kisan's. Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy as nearly 60% of the population of the country depend on agriculture and contribute 23% to the GDP. For sustained 4% growth in agriculture there is need to improve productivity and cut down on costs by improving efficiency. There is, therefore, an urgent need to provide package of initiatives for transfer of technology, improving input use efficiency, promoting investments in agriculture both in private and in public sectors and creating a favourable and enabling economic environment. The emerging needs in agriculture sector now are adoption of location specific skill and knowledge based technologies, promote greater value addition to agriculture produce, forge new partnerships between public institutions, technology users and the corporate sector, harness IT more effectively to realise financial sustainability and compete in the international market.

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  • Indian Goat Farmers

    Stall-fed goats can ideally fir into the intensive integrated farming system. The small animals are the most efficient converters of farm and crop residues into excellent organic manure. Several farmers have successfully run stall-fed goat farms, and they have found that such an integrated farming venture was more productive and profitable as well.

    Goat farming needs less capital when compared with dairying, and the animals can be raised in small farms. Stall-fed goat farming is an ideal occupation for the small, marginal and landless agricultural labourers. A few exotic goats such as Saanen, Toggenburg, Angora, Anglo-Nubian, British Alpine, French Alpine have been found to be well adapted to Indian conditions, and they are crossed with superior Indian breeds to geed progeny. The popular Indian breeds are Jamnapari, Surti, Tellicherry, Beetal, Malabari, Barbari and Gujarathi. The milch-type animals are ideal for integrated farming system.

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    Hi.. I welcome you to this group. I am looking for like minded people who would like to invest on Farm lands & other related cultivations in south india.

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    Dry Land or Waste Land
  • Floriculture & Organic Farming

    Floriculture is one of the most valuable and highly potentional andalso very essential for day today's life.

    Oganic farming also very useful and fungicide's free cultuvation methods.

    ramasamy g krishnaraj

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  • Indian Medicinal Herbs and Cultivation

    Idea behind this Group is to share real-time experience of seniors and experts from various domains of Agriculture and specially in the field of "Indian Medicinal Herbs", its "Cultivation", "Export Chances" and knowing "Market Demand" for various species. I believe that all experienced and senior members voluntarily joined in this Group to contribute their valuable guidance and help. All new and junior members, please be active in this group starting various related discussions to help others who are in need of common help. Thanking you for all.

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