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Thread: List of non-edible oilseeds with botanical names

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    Dear moderator!
    I would like to see some details on the availability of Non-edible oilseeds other than jatropha and poongamia for the benefit of our viewers preferabley with Botonical names,and relavent informations on their presence in India.
    I will also do my level best to send some useful feedbacks.
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    Hello Badrinath,
    The non edible oil seeds include............Castor (Ricinus Communis)
    Calophyllum inophyllum(Nagchampa), Hevea brasiliensis (Rubber),Rapeseed oil (B. napus L. and B. rapa L). All these may be used for the extraction of biodiesel. If I get any additional information on the same will mail back immediately.

    With Best Wishes
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    Thank you Ashwini.
    You may have to be very often in this subject.
    Get prepared with a handbook of your own with latest updates.
    castor have lot of varieties too.
    It is better you also hold some source to transulate these names in all south indian and Hindi languages please.
    Then some sample pouches if necessited to forward to memebers on reasonable charges including mine in Indian dollars.
    Bhadrinath. :D
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