We have met 60 farm owners with our Manpower supply.
Now we r Farm developing with High Yielding Benzolive cultivation.This is one kind of Moringacea family with High yielding crop.

a) 20 Tonnes/200 kgs can be harvested every year
b)Estimated profit 4,00,000 / per acre/annually, viable upto 50 years.
After 3rd year it may reach 12,00,000/per acre
c) Trained Labours from Dindigul will help- Land Preparation,Planting,watering,Manuring and Harvesting
d) Strictly adopting Organic procedures(such as Panchakavya,Neem Cake,FYM etc)
e)Marketing plans and Buy back Agreement by GWT Terms and Conditions
f) Legal Agreement will be prepared for all the process…..
Let us discuss , how to utilise these workers effectively for Farm development ???

Thanking you.