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Thread: Betel (Pan) leaf cultivation

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    Cool Betel (Pan) leaf cultivation

    I would like to know about Betel leaf cultivation in Nilambur, Kerala State. About its use, whether it is used only for Pan or any other use? Can we cultivate in green house? If any expert can guide about it, it will be helpful.

    M Daniel
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    Default etel leaf

    It can be cultivated in Keral.Since plant prefer to grow in semi shade green house is best suited.Apart from its use as leaf, essential oil extraction is also done.

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    Default Betel leaf (Pan) Cultivation

    thank you very much for your guidance.
    Sir, how can we extract oil from it? is there any method or equipment for it? and where can we sell it?

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    im interested in grwing betel leaf in pakistan under green house in ordinary soil or in hydroponics. please let me if anyone is doing so in India and is successfull

    I shall very much appreciate it if you could help me in this, since nobody in Pakistan is growing betel leaf in green house.

    thanks again

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