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    Dear friends ,iam happy to join u all.
    i want to know about drip irrigation in sugarcane fields in thanjavur dist in tamilnadu,i want to know the cost for installation per acre .jains irrigation systems have a tie up with the sugarcane factory (shree ambica sugars) and jains irrigation systems have quoted to us .there is a subsidy on that . i want to check the quotation with some other supplier who can visit the field and suggest the best .can i appoint some consultants on the cultivation of sugarcane who can visit the place at intervals and advise action please guide me on the subject

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    Dear Sir

    Drip irrigation in sugarcane is a relatively new innovative technology that can conserve water, energy and increase profits. Thus, drip irrigation may help solve three of the most important problems of irrigated sugarcane - water scarcity, rising pumping (energy) costs and depressed farm profits.

    But in india reserch is still goin on on drip irrigation.

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    Default Drip Irrigation

    Drip irrigation has been well adopted by the farmers in many states of the country. It is used mainly on horticultural crops such as grapes,pomegranate,banana etc. With the help of drip irrigation and fertigation yield of the sugarcane crop increases substantially if the crop is managed properly.This has been experienced by many farmers in the states of Maharashtra,Tamilnadu,karnataka etc.

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    Drip is good in energy and water conservation, but the initial cost for setting could be bit huge. But it pays off on long run. Please check for more than one suppliers since this concept is just now getting adapted. And most of the suppliers price them at premium cost.

    Coming to your question about using it for sugarcane - I Think it would be bit difficult to maintain it by the end of harvest. Since the sugarcane grows taller. Check out for inputs who have used drip irrigation for sugarcane.

    My advise is drip irrigation will be good for vegetable, horticulture and other small size plantation.


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