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Thread: How to get Rid of Monkeys

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    Default How to get Rid of Monkeys

    Hello Members,

    we have lots of cultivable land specially for plantation of Papaya,banana trees,vegitables ,etc but our problem is we are not able to do anything because of lots monkeys in the area who destroys the whole planation can any body tell us how to get rid of these monkeys

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    Smile one tip

    I read in a tamil magazine about a tip to control monkeys. Not sure if it works.

    A farmer facing similar problems, collected a dead water snake and placed it inside a bag resembling food items and hanged it in a tree in his farm. Monkeys as expected opened it got scared by seeing the snake and ran. That farmer has mentioned that he didnt get the monkey problem again.

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    Exclamation Try langur/red paint/red chilli powder/trap to get rid of monkeys

    Try langur/red paint/red chilli powder/trap to get rid of monkeys
    1)Keep 1 or 2 langurs as pet.
    2)Catch one monkey & paint it except eyes with red paint & leave.Repeat the process when a new group enters.
    3)Spray red chilli powder to their eyes & bodies,through some bananas & biscuits mixed with red chilli powder in front of them but see that they do not get water immediately.
    4)Use some trap box/net as trap to catch monkeys and leave them in far away place.
    Monkeys have taste buds and so one can try very bitter substance mixed with fruits etc.

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    Default Monkey mennace

    If you keep LANGUR (Black faced monkeys) in you farm, the monkey will not come near your farm. Trained langurs are available near Delhi. This is the most effective & economical way to get rid of monkeys.
    Sushil Kapoor

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    Default hi

    hi sushilji,

    thanks for the siggestions i think this will be easier thing to do i will try that


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    Daer Sir

    For monkeys if u keep a license gun in ur home it will help coz monkeys get afraid of gun sound itself and run away.

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    Default Peacock problem in farm

    Hi friends,

    I am facing peacock in my farm. So I could not able to put chilli and vegtables. Please some body help me how to over come this issue.


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    Default Experts may please confirm whether this works.

    1. Have a couple of PET DOGS
    2. Use loud-speakers to play sound of 4-5 DOGS barking.

    3. Use Fire crackers (which make huge sound) like RASSI-BUM/Sutli-Bum

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    Hi, is it true ? or just a scentiment ? did anybody tried this snake technique.

    Dear friends, monkeys problem is very big, as many farmers, village people as well as city people are suffering by these attacks.

    Please post more ideas... which really works.

    This will be very helpfull everybody.

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    Default Monkey menace

    If the land is not adjacent to forest if the monkeys are not allowed to reach in the plantaion for 15-20 days regularly the problem might be overcome.If it is near forest better to go for medicinal and aromatic plantation. This will be permanent solution.

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