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    I want to know about rose plantation, brief, requirement of land, soil, constraints if any, Investment req., Manpower require, precuation, maintainance, scope of business, etc

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    Dear Sir,
    Scope for Roses is emmense & profitable as well.
    Plantation can be done in the months- Feb to April and or July to Sept.
    Climate requirement- It requires plenty of light,humid & moderate temp. 15DC to 18DC.

    Comercially important types of Roses are:
    Hybrid Tea Roses such as Sonia,Vivaldi,Melody etc
    Floribunda Roses such as Frisco,Mercedes,Kiss.
    Spray roses such as Joy,Nikita

    Soil-should be rich in Organic matter & oxygen is good for roses.pH pf soil 6 to 6.5

    Maintainance:a)Planting & layout could be 5 beds each of 1.20m width per 8m bay.Width of path could be 2 rows of plants per bed.
    b)Fertilizers:Nitrogen & Potassium= 200ppm twice a week
    Phosporous=soil application@1.8kg/m3
    c)Irrigation & Drainage:Requires lots of water,atleast 6mm per day.Drainage line to be laid below the beds for disposal of excess water.

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