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Thread: buying adivasi land

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    Default buying adivasi land

    can i buy adivasi land (ag.)for 99 years? i have recd a offer.can anyone guide me.

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    Default adhivasi land

    plz let me know too if u get any information regarding leasing adhivasi land for 99 yrs.
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    Default Buying adivasi land

    Don t buy adivasi land, adivasi land can be traded only amongst adivasis. Any transactions outside of that are not legally valid, unless taken over by the Government for projects or as part of a land acquisition scheme. There is no concept of a 99 year lease or so. You will have no title rights what so ever if y buyb a adivasi land. Someone might be taking you for a ride. Best consult a good property lawyer, I am sure he will provide you the same advice. Please keep me posted.



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