Dear Sir,

I am Manjoorali from Reliance Jamnagar, I would like to start the agriculture through Soil less system but have no knowledge about this system. So I have some question to you. Plz help me.
Presently I am working in RIL and I have 20 acres land at north Gujarat ( Sabarkantha district ) but problem is not sufficient water. If this system is suitable for this I want to start this.

Questions :

For one Acre

1. How much quantity of water is required ?
2. How much money I have to invest ?
3. For this system special / liquid chemicals to be used is yes which chemicals are required and where is available ?
4. Which flowers, fruits, searals, vegetables are covered in this system ?
5. Which equipments are required ? And where is available ?
6. Any books or online materials available in Gujarati language ?
7. In India where is the location of Hydroponics system ?



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