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Thread: Jaswand Flower Cultivation

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    Default Jaswand Flower Cultivation

    Dear Everyone,

    This is my first posting on

    I am buying land of 1 acre very soon and I intend to cultivate Jaswand Floers on that land. There is no particular reason for choosing Jaswand.

    I would like to know whether there is anyone who can share information with me about cultivating Jaswand in a place as big as 1 acre or probably in the beginning cultivating it in bits and pieces.

    Please share throughts, prices and other details with me for Jaswand cultivation.

    The second thought that came to my mind is "Alphonso Mangoes". I would like to have info on that as well once again costs, other factors as well.

    Please do suggest.

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    Dear Sir

    Hibiscus thrives in full sun with moist, fertile soil that is of good texture, they are so adaptable that they can tolerate some shade, ordinary soil, and dry conditions once they have recovered from transplanting. They can endure harsh weather and environmental extremes well.

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    Default Jaswand

    Thank you for writing in Mr. Kirti.

    Further to my first query, the land that i am buying is in Mahad and 1 acre as i said earlier. How soon do you think I can produce some results for Hibiscus Flowers. How profitable is a proposition when it comes to cultivating Hibiscus Flowers?

    Mr. Kirti, I may need a lot of your help when actually getting to crux of the same and hence would like to talk to you or meet you in case you are in or around Mumbai.

    Do you think you can help me as a professional that is if you can find time and spend some efforts?

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    Default Papaya @ Home

    Dear Mr. Kirti S.,
    I stay in a Bungalow and there is just a small piece of land joining my bungalow. Must be around 2 ft(b) x around 20 ft(l). Can I put a few Papaya trees and see how good does it go to or how soon do I see results on the trees. Is it a good option to try it as I feel before I buy the land of 1 acre if I try it at home it would let me know how much money I spend on the tree and what kind of results do I see and after how long????

    What do you suggest Mr. Kirti?

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