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Thread: How to extract banana fiber

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    Question How to extract banana fiber

    I think to make a banana fiber extraction unit. I have no idea how I extract the fiber from banana. if anyone have knowledge about it please share your knowledge with me.

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    Dear sir
    You may contact National Research Centre for Banana, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. Phone nos. 0431 2618104 / 2618106. Email or
    The Insttitute had published a very good book on Banana Fibre which is the unique book detailing everything about banana fiblre

    J. Dhananjayan

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    Dear Sir

    The tree is harvested and cut into small sections so that it can undergo a softening process. The raw material is then processed by machine to extract the fibrous material. Once the raw fibers are separated, they are bleached to give a more uniform color. Upon completion of this process, they are dried and packed into bales for shipment to the Kathmandu valley, where they are dyed and spun into yarns for rug weaving. The banana rugs under go the same weaving process as the Nepalese hand-knotted woolen rugs.
    The unique quality of the banana rug is that it has a look and feel that is very similar to silk but with a loose, casual feel that is not as refined as silk. The durability of the banana fiber is similar to that of silk or nettle and is not recommended for high traffic areas. The actual weight of the fiber is greater that that of wool and it is best when woven in the 100-knot version. Since it is similar to silk, it has a very luxurious quality that makes it feel expensive while being considerably less expensive that silk.



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