Organic farming in Nagaland

Kohima | March 31 : Traditionally Nagas have adopted a system of agricultural practices without the use of external inputs, as such Nagaland is one of the lowest consumer of chemical fertilizers in the country @1.5 kg/ha. which is negligible by any standard.“The nutrient requirements of crops in traditional agricultural system of the Nagas, depends only on a natural resources (Biomass). Therefore, farming practices in Nagaland is organic by default and is yet to be an organic by design,” according to the Annual Administrative Report of Agriculture department presented in the state assembly session recently.
The report added that the demands for organic commodities are growing day by day and the department has initiated certain programmes to strengthen the organic farming system in mountainous region. At present the department is implementing various programmes in the state.
Training of field functionaries and farmers on organic farming, demonstration on organic inputs and setting up of five Model Organic Farms, located at Medziphema, Kohima, Wokha, Yisemyong and Pfutsero under National Project on Organic Farming, Government of India.
Promotion of Organic Food Production under NEC for which 40 nos of vermiculture units were constructed and crops certification is at the final stage with the SGSS India Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata. The following crops are identified for certification within 3000 ha covering 32 villages for 3575 farmers in Tuensang districts viz; Kholar, Large Cardamon, Passion Fruit, Chilli and Maize. The rest of the districts are still in preliminary stage, the report added.