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Thread: desi hen farm

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    Default desi hen farm

    i want to keep a desi hen farm in my own i want to know the full information about it.
    like how much place is need for number of hens and safe and secure infomation with out any infections

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    hello Sir
    Process and procedures to start up country chicken farm
    Requirements :
    1. Indoor 21 X 40 feet shed for 1000
    2. 1000 lts drinking water per day
    3. Feed and vaccination information is depends up on the type of food available locally(since it is country bird).
    4. 120 days to harvest.
    5 . Market rate Rs.160 to Rs.180 per Kg ( farm rate).
    6. Expense Rs.120 per bird till harvest including bird cost (bird cost depends up on market value).

    pls contact:
    Manohar C.K
    Srikanteshwara Farm Hands (SFH)
    Maralagala, Srirangapatna, Mandya dist.
    mobile 9945262003.

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    i want to know that is there any insurance and subscidary for dairy forum
    and i want a project documentation for that please send me to
    and also give me a brief description for this...
    what type of cows is better for this forum???
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