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    Default Marigold

    Plz do tell me the detail about the cultivation of marigold especially the :- 'pusa narangi' and 'pusa basanti' ;cost ; The seed source

    Which variety of Marigold is best siuted for the extraction of Oil. PLz do tell about this variety;cost and profit

    Could u tell me about the variety which is suitable for cultivation in summer season in jammu region(temp: 35-45)

    Sagar Sharma

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    Dear Sir

    Tagetus minuta(wild marigold) is recommended for cultivation in North west Himalayas . The “wild” variety gives the highest yield of essential oil amongst various tagetes species.

    The villagers in Gazipur Kulian which is situated at a border town, R S Pura of district Jammu, (J&K) is commercially cultivating marigold.

    The farmers generally grow two types of marigold in their fields.

    1.The small marigold which is locally known as "Gooti" with the flower colour red, yellow and basanti.

    2.Flower is large marigold locally known as "Goota" with the flower colour yellow and flower size quite bolder than the "Gooti".

    The flowering period of Goota is comparatively shorter (i.e. from 2 to 3 months) than Gooti which is having flowering period for 6 months. Goota and Goti an be grown as mixed or as separate crops.Well drained clay loamy, well fertile soil is considered suitable for its cultivation. The cultivation commences with raising of nursery in the month of May.

    The farmers market the product in three ways:

    a. Selling of flowers

    b. Making garlands

    c. Decoration of vehicles and Pandaals during marriages and other ceremonies/traditions.

    Flowers are sold @Rs. 12—15 per kg

    The average cost of one garland is Rs. 10 to 15 depending upon length and quality of garland.

    The cost of decorating vehicle with flowers especially of bridegroom goes up to rupees five hundred to one thousand.

    Usually on an average from one kg of flower 6 to 7 garlands of average size are made which gives double benefit as compared to selling of loose flowers.

    Marketing of marigold is not a problem in Jammu region. As Jammu is known to be a city of temples and marigold is abundantly used in temples. Owing to heavy rush of pilgrims to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine round the year, there is also huge consumption of this flower. Marigold flower production starts from the month of October which coincides with Navratras, religious festivals and marriage ceremonies. This flower finds special place in enhancing the aesthetic value of these shows and programmes.

    According to a rough estimate, the average consumption of marigold in Jammu city alone is 50-55 Qtls. Per day (Random survey of Flower Vendors) Flower selling is now socially recognised as profession of pride and grace.

    Surya Narmada
    Horticulture/ Agriculture Arbitration Consultant, Chennai, India.

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    Hello sir

    marigold is a ver hardy crop and can be grown in any conditions. In fact it should be grown as an intercrop in other plantation to provide nematode resistance.

    Marigold - grow it
    An easily grown half-hardy annual, marigolds are very popular to grow in gardens all over the world. They are not fussy about where they grow provided they have plenty of sunshine.

    In the past the tall, larger-flowered Tagetes erecta was often called African marigold and the shorter, smaller Tagetes patula was known as French marigold, but the increasing complexity of hybrid varieties mean that there are fewer distinctions between the strains of seed offered for sale.

    Another marigold species, Tagetes minuta is distinct, being a very large plant with tiny flowers. It is usually grown by organic gardeners for its beneficial properties on soil, as the roots exude chemicals which repel couch grass and eelworms.

    Seed needs to be sown indoors but plants can be grown outside during the summer, where they will flower until the frosts. Minimum temperature 10°C

    From seed. They are easy to sow in a tray or pot. Seeds should be set about 2cm apart. Germination is rapid at 19°C.

    Keep seedlings warm, and move onto larger pots when they have four to six true leaves. Harden off and plant out in a sunny position when the weather is warm enough, at about 8cm apart. Tagetes minuta will need a stake to support it. Water well until established.

    Remove spent flowers as they die off, water in dry weather and feed with a high potash fertilizer occasionally to prolong the flowering period.

    In India African marigolds are often grown as standards. To do this, rub the side shoots off a marigold plant and tie the bare stem to a stick so it keeps growing upwards.

    When it is about 45cm tall, allow the top to bush out, and develop normally but keep rubbing off any side shoots from the stem.

    Slugs and snails like young plants, otherwise trouble-free.

    Plant safety
    Marigold leaves contain chemicals that can cause dermatitis and a phototoxic reaction - where the sap from the plant reacts with sunlight to irritate the skin. As a precaution, wear gloves and long sleeves when handling these plants.

    for the quality planting material you contact the nearby University of Horiculture. Or you may contact

    Division of Floriculture, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India - Similar pages


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    Hi Sagar,
    Among all species of Tagetes(Merigold) Tagetes minuta gives highest oil yield.
    Leaves anf flowers of it contain 0.8 and 1.0 % oil respectively.

    It is mainly grown in Himachal Pradesh,Jammu and Kashmir and Utter Pradesh.
    Variety- vanphool, released by CIMAP LUCKNOW.

    Season-it is mainly grown between may to november.

    Propagation -by seeds.require about 0.5 kg of seeds/hectare.

    Harvesting-middle of october to end of november is right time for harvesting.

    Yield-50-60 kg of oil/hectare
    Price of oil in market -rs 2000-2200 /kg

    Source of planting material-
    near kukrail picnic spot,

    a)Bonera-J & K
    b) Yarikhah- J & K

    If u need further information,please contact me.

    Bulletin Board Moderator

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    Hi All,

    I have some about 2 acres of land in Himachal and wish to start wild marigold farming. Can someone please suggest from where I can get the seeds ( I checked with some local seed stores here and Agri Univ. but all say that its too late now). I'll be greatly thankful for any help in this regards.


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    Default Need Wild Marigold Seeds

    Hi All,

    I have some about 2 acres of land in Himachal and wish to start wild marigold farming. Can someone please suggest from where I can get the seeds ( I checked with some local seed stores here and Agri Univ. but all say that its too late now). I'll be greatly thankful for any help in this regards.


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