Dear Farmers,

Agricultural activities are carried on mostly in an unorganized manner. The farmer has no office and also does not find time for day by day record keeping. The transactions and events are also not supported by vouchers or other documents in most of the cases. So it is desirable
to maintain a Diary to record happenings of the day.

This Diary becomes the source document for record keeping.

Seven registers are required for running the accounting system.

1. Cash Book: to record cash transactions.
2. Fixed Assets Register: to record details of fixed assets – description of assets, cost of
purchases/construction/generation, disposal, depreciation and balance.
3. Loan Register: to record borrowings from bank, cooperatives and other agencies trade
creditors along with interest paid or payable.
4. Stock Register: to record details of input, output and by product – receipts, utilization,
wastage and balance.
5. Debtors and Creditors Register: to record credit transactions classified by parties
6. Register for National Transactions: to record transactions between farm and farm
7. Cost Analysis Register: to record cropwise input and output inclusive of apportionment of common costs and finding out crop profit.

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