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Thread: Eco Farm House cluster at Kankavli, Sindhudurg

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    Smile Eco Farm House cluster at Kankavli, Sindhudurg

    Eco Farm House cluster at Kankavli, Sindhudurg

    • Live in the pure, pollution free environment. Explore the natural and eco-friendly atmosphere in the gorgeous picturesque Konkan valley.
    • Presenting a cluster of Eco Farm Houses with individual Bungalows and fully developed Mango Orchards, harmonically blended with natural ambience and physical infrastructure.
    • Farm house plots of 10,000, 15,000 & 20,000 sqft., with a Bungalow of 900 sqft and Fully developed Mango Orchard with plantation of Alphanso Mango, Kesar Mango and Coconut trees (15 to 25 Plants).
    • Excellent Scenic view of lush green landscapes, pure and eco-friendly atmosphere, highly productive soil, state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, excellent connectivity with Konkan Railway, Located right on Prime National Transport axis – Mumbai-Goa National Highway – 17.
    • Opportunity to enhance your agricultural skills in your own Orchard, Good Investment option, Perfect Holiday Destination and a Home away from home.

    - Village–Wargaon, Taluka–Kankavli, Dist.-Sindhudurg.
    - On Mumbai-Goa National Highway – 17

    - Farm house plot with Fencing - 10,000 / 15,000 / 20,000 sqft.
    - Independent Bungalow – 900 sqft.
    - Fully Developed Mango orchard (Plants grown up-to three years in Nursery)
    o Alphanso Mango plants
    o Kesar Mango plants
    o Coconut plants
    - Bungalow design and Plantation can be done as per client’s choice

    Common Spaces
    - Amphitheatre
    - Playing area for children
    - Watch Tower

    Infrastructure Provision
    - Fencing for the individual plots
    - Internal Roads
    - Water Supply system
    - Electric connection
    - Rainwater Harvesting
    - Drip Irrigation system for plants

    Tourist Destinations Nearby
    - Napane Waterfalls – 12 km
    - Rajapurchi Ganga (Holy Ganges of Rajapur) – 27 km
    - Ozar Ganapati (Ashtavinayaka) – 35 km
    - Vijaydurg fort – 40 km
    - Devgad Fort and Beach – 40 km
    - Kunakeshwar Temple – 45 km
    - Radhanagari Backwaters – 40 km
    - Dajipur Bison Sanctuary – 45 km

    Excellent Multi-Modal Connectivity
    - located on National Highway No.17, Mumbai to Goa (NH-17)
    - Nearest Railway Station at VaibhavWadi (Konkan Railway) – 15 km
    - Distance from Metro-cities
    o 425 km from Mumbai
    o 340 km from Pune
    o 150 km from Panjim
    o 100 km from Kolhapur
    - Distance of important Towns in the vicinity towards Panjim
    o 06 km from Kasarde (Talere)
    o 14 km from Nandgaon
    o 29 km from Kankavli
    - Distance of important Towns in the vicinity towards Mumbai
    o 07 km from Kharepatan
    o 27 km from Rajapur

    Zero Maintenance Cost
    - Three year old plants grown in Nursery are planted so that mango trees would start yielding from 4th year onward and achieve full maturity at 8th to 10th year. Coconut trees will achieve full maturity in 4th to 7th year.
    - Premium output from your farm through scientific farming practices could yield yearly Rs.50,000/- to 75,000, which can compensate yearly maintenance cost of the farm house. So Maintenance cost would be nil.
    - Assistance could be given for Production, maintenance and post harvest management.

    Monetary Terms
    - Orchards are available in various sizes, with a Bungalow of 900 sqft.
    o Plot of 10,000 sqft @ Rs.12.00 Lakh
    o Plot of 15,000 sqft @ Rs.15.00 Lakh
    o Plot of 20,000 sqft @ Rs.18.00 Lakh
    - Payment schedule
    o Booking advance – 10 %
    o Land value – 40 %
    o Infrastructure Development – 20 %
    o Plantation – 20 %
    o Handover – 10 %
    - No Stamp duty and Registration charges
    - No External Development Charges
    - No Hidden charges

    Contact Us
    - Please contact us for further details and enquiries
    - Ashish Doshi
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    This project is proposed in Three phases. Phase - I is starting shortly.

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    PM for further information

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    Default eco farm house,kankavali

    please send details..
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