Dear friends,

I am the owner of 11 bigha (4.4acre) land in Talala District. Proper location would be village named Ramdechi (gir). Not far from the bank of Hiran river and hence plenty of water availability.

Its a Mango farm with best kesar mango production results till date in that area. Reason for sale is just another investment.

I am located in Australia and I would be the first initial contact. I will then refer you to the contact in India, located in city Junagadh (Gujarat). People in Junagadh can guide you to the land for inspection if required.

Price: Rs. 1250000.00 per bigha.
Total land price: Rs. 13750000.00

My other contact details would be
Phone: +61423336889 (contact number in India will be provided once you show your genuine interest)

Hope to listen from potential buyers as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,