We,GWT - Agricultural Labour Research&Consultancy which is approved by Govt.of India and collaboration with (a)National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management(b)National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development(NABARD)and(c)Department of Agricultre and Cooperation,Ministry of Agriculture have proposed to set up a new project for agriculture research and development in Koviloor city of Vattavada Panchayat in Idukki district under a joint venture with FIG (Est.) Saudi Arabia.The shrinking acreage under paddy cultivation and milk production in the State and the staggering dependence on imported vegetables and other food items have put Kerala at the bottom of the list of states on the basis of food security.From a time of near self-sufficiency in food production, Kerala now depends entirely on neighboring states for its food needs.
In such a situation we invite all broadminded landowners/investors/N R Is and farmers to extend their full support to implement this project to develop more agriculture products and milk in all districts of Kerala to meet the requirements of our state to an extent.

Sijish Nambiar C E O
Govt. I D No. 2650.