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Punjab based Dairy project makes Public Private Partnership a lucrative model

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by , August 17th, 2008 at 12:16 PM (2080 Views)
Punjab-based Macro Dairy Ventures Private Ltd is setting up an integrated milk production and processing facility in Ludhiana, for producing premium quality milk and mozzarella for domestic and export purposes. To feed the milch animals, the company would cultivate fodder on 350 acres of land based on contract farming module. The company also plans to set up a centre for Embryo Transfer Technology for commercial purpose. An effort would also be made in the progeny upgradation of milch animals by way of intensive selection and breeding programs in this project.

As informed by Mr. Upneet Rajorhia, the Lead Consultant of this project, the venture is promoted by Mr Jasbir Khangura, who is a UK based NRI and a very successful entrepreneur himself. Mr. Upneet informed that Mr. Khangura is most innovative kind and his vision to set up this commercial venture is to provide socio economic stimulus to the area, community participation in the cultivation of feeds and fodders and imparting live stock management and training programme to the women entrepreneurs. These Women Entrepreneurs are proposed to bring their own animals and the project will provide them required infrastructure and make them aware of latest technology in animal husbandry programme in order to produce quality milk.

As per Mr. Upneet Rajorhia, Mr. Jasbir Khangura will prove as a role model for many entrepreneurs to step into this kind of model with shared profits amongst the participants.