Article Xcell Breeding & Livestock Services - provides genetics to the Indian dairy farmers

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    Provides genetics to the Indian dairy farmers

    Xcell Breeding & Livestock Services provides artificial breeding services to the dairy farmers. It was established by Dr. Gajendrakumar Kantilal Bamania and his father-in-law in 2012. Company is engaged in cattle artificial insemination (AI) program, semen sales, cattle sourcing, cattle sale, herd recording, artificial breeding merchandise and cattle breeding advice. “Sale of bovine semen, specifically for Murrah, HF and Sahiwal is our USP,” he highlights.
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    Dr. Bamania, Veterinary Doctor with MBA degree in International Agribusiness Management was always passionate to work in the dairy sector in the rural area and wanted to help farmers at large. “If I had set up my own commercial dairy farm the objective to reach out to the dairy farmers and help them to earn better would never had been achieved. Therefore I started the breeding center with vision to always provide best bull semen and cattle artificial insemination (AI) programs,” he shares. Company head office is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with another service centre based in Ahmedabad. “Combined we provide on farm artificial breeding services to more than 30,000 dairy farmers across 6000 villages in Western Uttar Pradesh and Kutch, Gujarat.”

    The infrastructure required for livestock breeding services has been installed as per the international standards with a full-fledged Laboratory. 300 AITs (Artificial Insemination Technicians) are recruited to visit farmers’ farm for giving the AI services and routine follow up. AI services are updated on daily basis through mobile for monitoring purpose. “All our AITs are trained and proficient in their work,” he asserts.
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    Dr. Bamania has developed software to monitor the breeding services provided to dairies. The software upholds detailed record of every bull and its family history. Comprehensive database of villages specifying dairy farmers and cattle is also maintained.

    Speaking about the vital factors to be considered for AI, he explains, “Farmer must plan AI in his farm properly. In the herd of any size, it is always better to give AI to 30% animals while rest 70% must be retained for routine milking else when milk quantity reduces it affects his daily earnings. Secondly buffalo has black skin color therefore it is best to plan the AI in a way that the calf is born during summers. It will be monetarily beneficial to the farmers as well. Cleanliness and hygiene is must as well for all the animals.”
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    Water and feed are intrinsic part of animal’s heath and directly affects the AI success as well. Dr. Bamania asserts, “One buffalo needs minimum 60 liters for its body requirement. Then it needs 3 liter water against 1 liter milk it gives. So we assume if a buffalo gives 10 liters milk it needs additional 30 liters water. In total one buffalo needs minimum 90-100 liters water per day. Similarly animal needs balanced feed as well that should have atleast 18-20% protein rich diet. Inadequacy in water and feed will lead to malnutrition and AI might fail or the calf would be unhealthy.”

    Challenges faced are, “Farmers do not follow the vaccination schedule for the herd. Besides they lack the awareness of health aspects of cattle. They also need insight into artificial insemination technicalities. Therefore we organize training programs for the dairy farmers and are constantly in touch through a missed call service, toll-free number and voice messages,” he says.
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    In future company shall be expanding its services to embryo transfer. “We are the only one in entire country to have been selected by US based AGTech Inc for the same. They are the pioneer in the field. Mostly if all goes well it shall commence by January 2017. We are also going to have hi-tech semen station. It is in process and should be functional in 2-3 years,” he informs.

    Dr. Bamania is working with and for the farmers closely for few years. Sharing his observation he concludes, “Farmer does not wants subsidy he wants the best quality products in all fields. Give him quality and then see how agriculture economics changes in the country!”

    Contact details:
    Xcell Breeding & Livestock Services Private Limited
    G-6, Sidhdharth Park,
    Near CN Vidhyalaya, Ambawadi,
    Ahmedabad 380006.
    Gujarat India
    Phone: +91 9427035480, +91 121 2575335, +91 9627489580
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    What breeds of high milking variety of Buffaloes you are engage with??
    I am interested for Redhu Murrah buffalo AI. We are having dairy farm (@Nikol, Ahmedabad) with 36 nos of Banni buffaloes.

    Pls reply me on

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    Dipak Patel
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    Dipak patel plz sher your contact number.

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